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Iowa Teaching People How To Hunt Online

by Jack T. Wilder
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This week the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that it, “is offering a free virtual workshop to teach skills needed to hunt, field dress and cook mourning dove to individuals who have little to no dove hunting experience.”

The industrious plan is part of a national effort to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters into the field. Why? There is an overall decline in the number of people hunting and getting outdoors.

Iowa Virtual Dove Hunt

Their virtual hunting workshop will use skills building sessions with knowledgeable instructors. These teachers have the experience necessary to teach new hunters how to hunt doves.

The mourning dove is a popular game bird for hunting across the United States. Typically signifies the beginning of the Fall hunting seasons.

“For those interested in the challenge of dove hunting as a means of sourcing their own protein or red meat, this program provides the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge it takes to do it all yourself,” said Jamie Cook, program coordinator with the Iowa DNR.

Participants will learn basic strategies for hunting dove such as proper equipment, where to hunt, safe shooting practices, and how to field dress, butcher and cook dove.

Check out the website for more information.