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How to: Turn a Bus Into a Home

by Jack T. Wilder
Photo: Unsplash

Starla Sullivan, 29, and her husband Brian got tired of staying at her mom’s house (who was away on vacation) and looking at the cookie-cutter homes in the neighborhood. Little did they know turning a bus into a home would be their next chapter.

“Staying there helped me realize I didn’t want one of those big, ticky tacky, they-all-look-just-the-same houses,” Sullivan told a reporter from USA Today this week. “To me, it was just big, dark, lonely and sad.”

While sitting around one night and watching videos on YouTube of people who had converted busses into home they got their inspiration.

“A month later, we bought one,” Sullivan said. 

Watch and Learn

The couple who live just outside of Seattle bought a school bus for $2800. Then they set about turning it into a home. It was tough at first, not the least of which being Starla was pregnant and Brian was working full-time building airplane parts nearby.

But they stuck with it and documented their vision for a new home on a YouTube channel and Facebook page.

“It was really fun to be able to design my own space. But beyond that, my husband did all the plumbing, all the electrical and all of the gas work,” Sullivan added.

Now five years later and with 3 kids together the couple has put about $30,000 into the bus. And they live on four acres of land.

Think you could do that?