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At Outsider, we’re leading the charge to the far-middle where there’s no right or left, only warm campfires, cold beer, and a few good songs. We’re creating a movement for everyday Americans to find common ground; to connect over culture, music, food, and media that brings us together. Outsider was created by the founders of On3.com, Rivals.com (acquired by Yahoo! 2007), 247Sports (acquired CBS Sports 2015), ComicBook.com, and PopCulture.com (acquired CBSi 2017).

Staff Writer


You’re die-hard about celebrating the various commonalities that bring us together: food, drink, music, and more. Do you grill hotdogs or smoke whole hogs? Are you a cold-beer connoisseur or does a neat bourbon hit the spot? Do you still spin vinyl or does a curated playlist get you moving? If you answered yes to any of these—or you’re somewhere in the middle with a burger, ice-cold cola, and the radio—Outsider just might be the place for you to put your pen to paper (figuratively speaking of course). We don’t judge. We celebrate. Our commonalities often bring us together, but our differences are how we learn from each other. This is something you champion every single day. And if you ain’t learning, you ain’t living. We celebrate this way of life and if you want to write about that… this is the spot for you. The Staff Writer will be responsible for writing daily news desk articles that include but are not limited to middle America entertainment + outdoor lifestyle content. The staff writer will work with the Outsider editorial and content team and will be responsible for producing a set amount of articles each day (there will be daily goals to hit) while also being able to pinpoint content lanes that continue to grow Outsider’s audience.


  • 2+ years of writing/editorial experience, preferably in a newsroom environment
  • It is vital you have experience writing A+ copy on trending news with a middle America lens – your stories will be read by tens of millions of fans so you’re the front-line troops of the brand
  • Experience working with WordPress, Asana, Slack, Photoshop (or other photo editor) – this is a must. If you don’t know what these are, don’t apply
  • Full-time Employee w/ benefits
  • Remote employee
  • Must produce 10+ 450-500 word articles in an 8-hour shift in newsroom environment, some weekend shifts required
  • Must submit work samples. Only qualified applicants will receive a response

Job Type: Full-Time

Pay: $38,000.00 – $50,000.00 per year

Associate Managing Editor (AME)


The Associate Managing Editor will be responsible for finding, creating and assigning content and supervising a team of staff writers to produce daily news desk articles that include but are not limited to outdoor lifestyle, middle America-based entertainment and some trending news content. The Associate Managing Editor will also be responsible for editing produced content, branded/original content origination, scheduling and posting content on Facebook and other social media platforms with A+ captions. This position ensures that staff writers produce a set amount of articles each day (there will be daily goals to hit and track) while also being able to pinpoint content lanes that continue to grow Outsider’s audience. The Associate Managing Editor will report to the Executive Editor and will work under a Senior Managing Editor in a collaborative team effort.


  • Work with staff writers to produce the best of the best, most prioritized content for that day’s news cycle
  • Consistently ensure that supervised writers hit target content frequency goals daily, monthly
  • Help seek out trending news items that will drive user engagement and brand dedication
  • Understand and manage search and social performant content so that Outsider can stay at the top of each daily, weekly news cycle
  • Manage and implement growth strategy based on session/audience traffic reports and forecasts


  • 4+ years of professional experience in digital media
  • Entrepreneurial minded with the goal of growing not only yourself, but a team and online brand.
  • Proficient in journalism/writing, SEO and social media experience
  • Experience working in trending news, how to prioritize content and Facebook posting and distribution
  • Experience working in fast-paced, but high-quality writing on a trending news desk

You might also have:

  • Bachelor’s in Journalism, Online Media or equivalent
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to problem-solve each day as it relates to news desk workflow, content production and social platforms
  • Good understanding of SEO with a hyper focus on Yoast metadata editing in WordPress, Facebook News Feed and other referral and distribution platforms

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $45,000.00 – $60,000.00 per year