10 Tailgate Essentials for Football Season: Outsider-Approved Grill, Table, Speaker, Chair & More

by Jim Casey

Football season is underway, which means tailgating season is in full swing. Of course, that means eating, drinking, and partying in the great outdoors. And Outsider has 10 essentials to make your next tailgate a game-day success.

Every one of our recommendations comes from a member of our Outsider staff. So we’re not blowing smoke up your tailgate with our endorsements.

1. MoonShade Vehicle Awning

  • Website
  • Price: $350
  • Buy: Amazon
  • Why We Love It: easy set up, adaptable, packable

The MoonShade Vehicle Awning is unbelievably easy to setup by yourself. Unlike a lot of tailgate tents that take two people to erect, the MoonShade can be set up by one person in about five minutes. The MoonShade features a number of attachment options for your car/truck, including suction cups (included), magnets ($45), and semi-permanent adhesive anchors ($25). We actually preferred the ease-of-use magnets, which feature a protective silicone booty to prevent scratching. The MoonShade provides 63-square-feet of shade, which, as you can see, is plenty of room for a couple of chairs, cooler, table, grill, and more.

MoonShade Vehicle Awning

2. Magma Baja Gas Grill

  • Website
  • Price: $259.99
  • Buy: Amazon
  • Why We Love It: efficient, portable, sleek

Speaking of grills, Magma’s myriad grills have earned an excellent reputation as fixtures in the boating industry. And Magma’s RV/tailgating grill—the Baja—follows suit. Lightweight (about 17 pounds), the propane-fueled Baja is portable, powerful, and purty (100 percent polished stainless steel). Equipped with electric ignition, the grill’s 9×18-inch grate easily—and efficiently—handles tailgating favorites like hamburgers and hotdogs. And the Baja’s fold-away legs make the grill convenient for both tabletop and terra firma.

Magma Baja Grill

3. GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Portable Table

  • Website
  • Price: $110
  • Buy: Amazon
  • Why We Love It: heat-resistant counter, lightweight, packable

A good tailgate table should be lightweight, sturdy, and heat-resistant. The GCI Slim-Fold Cook Station meets our prerequisites—and then some. The table, which weighs 19 pounds, can support a 48-pound grill on its heat-resistant aluminum countertop. In addition, the four plastic fold-out side tables can each support 30 pounds, while the lower rack can hold 35 pounds. And when the party is over, the table folds up to about the size of a large doormat (34.6 x 21 x 3.7 inches).

GCI Slim-Fold Table

4. Honda EU2200i Generator

  • Website
  • Price: $1,199
  • Buy: Amazon
  • Why We Love It: quiet, easy start, long run time

Don’t even think about showing up to your tailgate—or campsite—with a generator that sounds like an industrial leaf blower. The Honda EU2200i delivers plenty of power (2,200 surge watts) with remarkably low noise levels (48 dB). Lightweight for a generator (46.5 pounds), the portable EU2200i is a must-have at your tailgate to power a variety of electronics and appliances, including lights, fans, blender, crock pot (don’t act you don’t love warm cheese dip), phone charger, and television.

Honda EU Generator

5. Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

  • Website
  • Price: $299
  • Buy: Amazon
  • Why We Love It: powerful, portable, sleek

Every tailgate needs some tunes. Known for their iconic black and gold guitar amps, Marshall has made a powerful impact with their line of bluetooth speakers over the last decade. And we love a couple of their sleek models—Kilburn and Stockwell—for tailgates. Not only do they look and sound amazing, but the Kilburn II (5.5 pounds/$299) and Stockwell II (3 pounds/$199) feature 20+ hours of portable playtime with a convenient carrying strap for on-the-go entertainment.

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

6. Fifth & Cherry Cutting Board

  • Website
  • Price: $299 (14-inch by 14-inch)
  • Why We Love It: beautiful, durable, lifetime warranty

Fifth & Cherry cutting boards are more like works of art than working stations. But these butcher blocks, made of responsibly sourced cherry wood, can handle a heavy workload. And our tailgates entail a heavy cooking workload. From slicing limes for margaritas to pulling pork butts for sandwiches, this board can take a beating. Fifth & Cherry boards are solid investments that can easily handle massive amounts of meat and a variety of veggies. And yeah, the boards can get pricey, but with a lifetime warranty and free refinishing, a Fifth & Cherry cutting board really is the last one you’ll ever buy.

Fifth & Cherry Cutting Board

7. Ragproper Glass Flask

  • Website
  • Price: $80
  • Shop: Amazon
  • Why We Love It: durable, spiffy, clean taste

It’s time to retire your old metal flask and step up to a glass flask on game day. With Ragproper’s Double Shot Flask (240mL), metal never touches the contents (even the metal cap is cork-lined), so your bourbon tastes exactly as you purchased it. The leather-encased flasks are extremely durable, so don’t worry about dropping them. In addition, the flask comes with a smooth-pour silicone funnel, which features a groove to allow no-spill filling.

Ragproper Flask

8. Outsider Drinkware

  • Website
  • Price: $35-$40
  • Shop: Launching in September
  • Why We Love It: versatile, efficient, dynamic

Outsider’s new line of drinkware—the AM (coffee/drink cup), PM (insulated beer koozie), and All Day (water bottle)—is launching in mid-September. Each product will be available in five colors: black, green, navy, white, and camo. Of course, we wouldn’t dare attend a tailgate without the set.

  • AM: 17 oz. | triple-insulated stainless steel | 90-degree pivoting handle | non-slip silicone bottom | $35
  • PM: triple-insulated stainless steel | holds standard 12 oz. cans, slim cans, 16 oz. cans, 12 oz. bottles, stubby bottles, and more | bottle opener on bottom | $35
  • All Day: 26 oz. | triple-insulated stainless steel | wide drinking spout | easy-fill top | $40
Outsider’s new drinkware (from left): All Day, PM, and AM.

9. GCI Freestyle Rocker Chair

  • Website
  • Price: $75
  • Shop: Amazon
  • Why We Love It: comfortable, durable, rocker

It’s not often that we feature two products from the same company in the same gift guide, but, like its Slim-Fold Table, GCI knocked it out of the park with its Freestyle Rocker Chair. We didn’t even realize we needed to be able to rock in a tailgate chair until sitting in the spring-loaded Freestyle. Now, we’ll never go back to being an immobile armchair quarterback. The Freestyle, which weighs 12 pounds, can support 250 pounds in its durable nylon mesh backrest, and it folds up for easy storage. In addition, the Freestyle is available in XL (400 pound capacity) and with a side table.

GCI Freestyle Rocker

10. Aged & Ore Travel Decanter

  • Website
  • Price: $58
  • Why We Love It: portable, stylish, easy fill

We love a flask (specifically the Ragproper Flask), but when you need double the bourbon or pre-made margaritas, Aged & Ore’s Travel Decanter (500 mL) has ya covered. The sleek glass decanter sits inside two insulated steel tumblers. So not only does it keep the decanter from scratching or spilling, but also you’ve always got two cups at the ready. Share a sip with a friend or double fist. Of course, we won’t judge.

Aged & Ore Decanter