106-Year-Old Woman Gets Entire Truckload of Yuengling for Birthday

by Shelby Scott

Outsider would like to send the happiest of birthday wishes to Yuengling Lager enthusiast Margaret Dillulo as she rings in her 107th year. The Pennsylvania woman received a truckload of the country’s oldest beer on Thursday. And, truthfully, as a Yuengling enthusiast myself, I admit to much envy.

The West Lawn, PA resident credits her long life to a lifetime of drinking the beloved American beer. Yuengling dropped the truckload off Thursday to the spirited woman. Afterward, she sat down to have a long drink from the iconic red and gold can, contentedly sighing, “ahhh” as she drank it down.

Fellow Yuengling enthusiasts shared their well-wishes beneath Yeungling’s tweet as well as their own dedication to the famous brand.

“Hope she is around long enough to drink thousands!!!” commented Phil Thompson. Cale Shonk shared, “This is awesome! I guess I have 66 more years of drinking @yuenglingbeer lager then! Woohoo!”

Dillulo has credited the Yuengling beer for her centennial birthdays. However, she’s not the only elderly individual to do so. Newsweek reports January of 2018 saw a 105-year-old UK resident credit whiskey for his long life. The elderly gentleman, who passed three years later, used it for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The outlet also shared the story of 105-year-old Sadie Snyder, who’d been consuming beer since she was six years old.

Of the claims, neurologist Claudia Kawas said, “I have no explanation for it, but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity.”

Yuengling Brings Back Fall-Favorite Chocolate Beer

While Yuengling has blessed our 106-year-old fellow beer enthusiast with a truckload of a birthday gift, the beloved American brand is blessing Outsiders across the country with an entirely different treat.

Nearing Halloween, and the end of October as a whole, we are well into fall. Less than two weeks away, our favorite spooky holiday lies right at our doorstep. In celebration of autumn’s arrival, Yuengling has returned to shelves beer lovers’ beloved chocolate-flavored drink.

The chocolate beer was originally released in celebration of Valentine’s Day several years ago. However, as they’ve once again teamed up with The Hershey Company, the beloved drink has hit shelves across the country just in time for Halloween.

Together, following the specialty drink’s original release, the iconic PA-based brands shared their excitement at this season’s spooky debut of the Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter. Senior director for The Hershey Company, Ernie Savo said, “this year we’re combining the return of the Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter with our favorite holiday, Halloween.”

So between evidential proof of longevity through beer drinking and Yuengling’s Halloween treat, we say, drink up Outsiders! There’s chocolatey fun to be had and centennial birthdays to achieve.