11-Year-Old Boy in Georgia Grows Award-Winning Watermelon Twice His Weight

by Megan Molseed

An eleven-year-old Georgia boy has found himself to be an overnight local celebrity for the watermelon he grew this summer. The amazing fruit won a local 4-H competition, as well as the attention of many around the country

Aiden Connel of Baxley, Georgia is celebrating winning the state championship for the gigantic watermelon entry he grew this summer. The prize-winning fruit tipped the scales at a number that is twice Aiden’s own weight. The humungous watermelon weighed just over 160 pounds. The fruit stands past Aiden’s waist.

Aiden’s entry took the top prize over 30 other competitors during the Appling County 4-H event. Not only did the watermelon blow the competition out of the water weight-wise, but the amazing fruit towered over the competition. The second-place watermelon in the Georgia event came in at 106 pounds – over fifty pounds smaller than Aiden’s monstrous entry. The event’s third and fourth place winners came in at 86 pounds and 80 pounds, respectively.

That’s a Whole Lotta Watermelon!

There are over a thousand varieties of watermelons. The weight of these fruits can range drastically from a few pounds up to well over twenty pounds. The average whole watermelon one would find in grocery stores tends to weigh anywhere between fifteen to twenty-five pounds. A twenty-pound watermelon will contain about 14 pounds of the delicious pink fruit.

This means that Aiden Connel’s prize-winning fruit likely contains about 112 pounds of the delicious summer treat. Imagine the picnic the young boy could have with the enormous watermelon!

The Appling County event’s Facebook post highlights the eleven-year-olds accomplishment.

“Appling County tore the watermelon contest up, didn’t they?” one parent noted on the August 3 Facebook post.

Aiden Connel has been growing watermelons for at least three summers. Each year, his goal has been to compete in the Appling County 4-H competitions. Of course, this year will be hard for the young 4-H student to beat in the coming years.

What A Way To Bring Home A Win

While the young watermelon grower knew he was onto something pretty cool, he had no idea his largest entry so far would win the event’s $100 grand prize.

“I didn’t know what it was going to do,” Aiden said of his delicious entry. “I knew it might win county, but I didn’t think we would win state.”

Now, Aiden has big plans for his prize-winning watermelon. Champions breed champions, right? As of now the 4-H champion will be opening up the award-winning fruit and saving its seeds for next year. Aiden may have won the top prize in 2021, but he sure isn’t done with the competitions!