$210,000 Camper Van is Every Road Trip Lover’s Dream

by Courtney Blackann

It’s every #VanLifers dream to ride in style. The trend to convert vans into tiny homes and travel across the country has become really popular. Now, a new camper van has all the upgrades you need to live comfortably while stopping at every historic site.

The company Jayco is behind the camper van. And it comes with a hefty price of $210,750 for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based 2022 Terrain, according to Yahoo! News.

The van has a super cool rugged feel – you’ll need that for going off-roading. But it’s also equipped with all the comforts of a regular home. Just a lot smaller.

According to Jayco’s product director Ryan Eash, the RV market is booming. And they want to get these high-class campers on the roads ASAP.

Additionally, Eash said camper vans are “currently an over 10,000-unit-a-year market, which has really doubled from the last 18 months.”

He added:

“We’re going to continue to build our van portfolio as fast as we can. We have really felt over the past couple of years that we need to put a ton of focus in that van segment.”

Camper Van Comes With All Necessities

The van has been under development for the last 1.5 years, the company said. It will have LED lights that line the inside as well as solar panels so it can operate off the grid. Further, the camper van can sleep two and seat four. But it’s the smart design that’s really cool.

The seats can be folded or rolled in such a way that creates a dining room, complete with a small fold-out table. There’s also a smartly designed bathroom (it is small, however). The kitchen is also stocked with an induction cooktop, a refrigerator, a sink, and pull-out countertop and pantry extensions.

Even better? The amount of storage you’ll get. There are several roof racks as well as an under-bed garage. You’ll be able to pack plenty of things with you on your travels. The camper van also looks really sleek and modern, which Jayco says will appear to a younger crowd.

Additionally, the company has also began rolling the vehicles out to dealerships. They’ve reported there’s been tons of interest in the models. The space even feels much bigger than it is because it’s so well-designed.

Unique stays are becoming more and more trendy. People want to be able to travel without the costs associated with expensive hotels. Traveling by converted vans or campers is a way to travel for months at a time while saving money.

The $200,000 price tag seems like a bit much. However, the investment will be worth it once you see just how advanced it is.