$60 Weber Portable Grill Is a Must-Have Tailgating Option Because Not Everyone Has a Pit Smoker

by Megan Molseed

Looking for the perfect way to get that favorite barbeque “pit-smoked” dish for your tailgating party – without going through the trouble of installing your own pit smoker? Or, are you looking for something that gives you the delicious pit-smoked meat that can travel with you to any tailgating spot this football season? Well, Weber…and Amazon…have got you covered!

Weber’s newest portable grill item is becoming a favorite among grilling fans. Many note that it’s “perfect for tailgating.” The best part? It’s going for just $60 on Amazon right now.

Grilling Season Is Just Begining!

The Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill is currently the number one selling grill on the online retail giant’s website. And, the perfect pre-game portable grill is currently boasting over 3,500 five-star ratings.

This product seems to have come just in time, too. The summer temperatures may be falling, and the cool fall weather may be close to settling in. But, as football fans around the nation can tell you, grilling season is far from over!

And, with the NFL grilling season just about to get underway, Weber has come up with the perfect option for the people who want to make their favorite tailgating treats such as ribs, burgers, hotdogs, or chicken wings, without being tied to their pit-smokers at home. This new Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill can do it all. Right in the parking lot.

Weber Wasn’t Kidding When They Said ‘Go-Anywhere’

Whether you’re preparing some favorite game-day dishes while pregaming with family or friends, or if you’re setting out to enjoy the great outdoors in a pre-winter camping trip, you won’t want to be without this newest Weber invention. Especially if you have a crowd.

The grill has been touted as Weber’s “small but mighty” grill. The Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill boasts a 160 square-inch cooking surface. Big enough to cook as many as six burgers at one time. That’s right. The little portable grill can feed up to six people in one swoop. Pretty impressive for something that fits neatly next to any cooler.

The Weber grill features a steel cooking grate, making it a great grill on which to fire up that much-anticipated cob of sweet corn, or even some chicken wings in no time flat. And, the grill’s Amazon page notes, the grate is also really easy to clean. Great quality for an “on-the-go” grill.

Now, this impressive Weber design is already nice and portable due to its convenient size. However, the company has gone and added other features making the Weber grill even more travel-friendly.

This grill can go just about anywhere with its compact and lightweight design; weighing in at just fourteen pounds.

The Go-Anywhere grill’s rectangular shape makes it easy to store in a trunk. Additionally, the grill comes with a lid-lock feature, ensuring that it will hold together during transport. That’s right! No more wrestling with that charcoal mess going to-and-from!

This little appliance also comes with two sturdy nylon side handles, making carrying the little guy even easier. The grill’s steel-plated legs fold out, giving the tiny grill maximum stability while you cook.