83-Year-Old Vietnam Veteran Among Those Marching 15 Miles on Labor Day in Honor of Vets, First Responders

by Shelby Scott

The tragic date of September 11th draws closer. Nationally, veterans, civilians, and current military personnel do their part to highlight the services of retired and deceased American soldiers. Most recently, an 83-year-old Vietnam veteran took part in a 15-mile-march this holiday weekend. He intended to honor his fellow veterans as well as first responders.

According to WENY News, the Vietnam veteran, Phil Butler, joined a group of other dedicated supporters in a 15-mile No One Walks Alone Ruck March. The outlet stated that the benefit march began at the Mansfield VFW. Later, it ended at the Liberty VFW in Tioga Co., Pennsylvania.

Further, WENY described a ruck march as a typical military practice. The exercise is popular both in the U.S. and other nations around the world. The ruck march, also known as a “loaded march,” requires an individual to carry a load of gear over long distances. The practice is especially popular as a training exercise for infantry units and special forces.

Army Veteran Marches in Honor of 13 Deceased Afghan Service Members

Currently, America continues to mourn the loss of 13 young servicemen and women who recently died in Afghanistan. Americans nationwide partake in memorial events and create tributes in honor of the 13 men and women. However, one army soldier, Anthony DiLizia, recently set out to complete a 2-day march as a tribute of his own.

The 25-year-old Army veteran planned to travel more than 70 miles in two days across the state of Connecticut. DeLizia hoped to raise money for the families of the 13 deceased soldiers and service members. His march began September 2nd at the Veterans’ Monument in Enfield, CT. The march ended Friday at Ocean Beach Park in New London.

For the Army vet, the march was symbolic. He said it was something that connects all service members across all military branches.

“We all do marches,” he told Patch, “so it’s something we can all relate to.”

Walmart Sets Out to Help Vets Readjust to Civilian Life

Walmart is also taking part in helping them and their families readjust to civilian life.

One of the hardest adjustments for military veterans has to be the dynamic between a military versus a civilian lifestyle. Frequently, they are left to face the feat on their own. However, Walmart has now stepped in to intervene.

The iconic superstore offers a free program for America’s veterans called Find-a-future. Overall, the program offers several tracks which help ex-soldiers figure out what they want to do and where they would best fit.

The program’s tracks include an employment track, an educational track, and an entrepreneurship track. The program aims to help veterans identify their strengths. Should they choose to pursue employment, the program provides resources in which to help veterans land a job, and that isn’t only limited to the Walmart company.

An educational track offers coursework through the Find-a-future program, also enabling veterans to work with outside fellowships and internships. And, obviously, the final track provides resources for military veterans on how to best start their own business.