9/11 Tribute to Victims and Vets Features ‘Healing Field’ of American Flags

by Michael Freeman

Twenty years ago this Saturday, the terrible attacks on 9/11 claimed many lives and changed our country forever. To remember the valiant sacrifice of those who died and to honor our nation’s veterans, Madison, Connecticut made “The Healing Field.

Madison’s “Healing Field” is a sea of American flags, 250 to be precise. Honoring 9/11 victims and veterans, the field also pays tribute to first responders and COVID-19 heroes. A town-wide remembrance ceremony begins at 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 11. It commences on the town green and the flags will fly until Tuesday, September 14.

The Exchange Club of Madison sponsored this tribute and the opening ceremony was on September 3. However, other organizations and volunteers contributed. The North Madison Volunteers Fire Company and Madison House Co. No. 1 presented the colors. Madeline Wines sang the Star-Spangled Banner and Madison Selectman Scott Murphy read a town proclamation. Commander of the American Legion Griswold Post, Charles Corso, said a tribute to the Kabul 13 heroes. Finally, Reverend Sarah Vetter, minister at the First Congregational Church helped dedicate to “The Healing Field.”

Christine Beirne, president of the Madison Exchange Club, explained displaying the flags the way they are. “The 3-by-5-foot flags, displayed on 8-foot-high poles, are lowered 12 inches from the top of the pole to signify this is a memorial healing event.”

When the opening ceremony concluded, Beirne issued a statement to attendees. “We welcome all visitors to walk among the rows of flags and remember the lives to which these flags are dedicated,” she said. “They are our parents, grandparents, spouses, sons, daughters and friends. Each flag has a story. We dedicate this Healing Field to these individuals, the heroes in our lives, in our community, in our country. They are united in their service.”

Lee Greenwood Gives His Thoughts on Upcoming 9/11 Anniversary and Helping Veterans

9/11 serves as a monumental day of remembrance for our country. Country music singer Lee Greenwood is an avid supporter of America’s heroes.

Recently speaking to Fox’s Neil Cavuto, Greenwood talked at length about 9/11’s upcoming anniversary and veterans’ charities he helps.

“I’m so proud of the fact that I can do that [do some good]. I’ve done numerous USO tours in my career. And after 2020, of course, we had very few shows. [But] we continue to work with wounded warriors. One charity right here in Houston where I’m coming to you now live from, called Helping a Hero, and we build homes for wounded warriors all the time.”

Greenwood also mentioned a special show in Huntsville, Alabama coming up for veterans.

“Our most recent project is a major show in Huntsville, Alabama at the Von Braun Center,” he said. “And it’s going to be a tribute to the music – after 40 years of music and songs on the radio, we’re giving tribute to the artists and the musicians and singers who contributed to all of that music. And we have a program called Adopt a Vet, which we are offering people, if they would get on our website, leegreenwood.com, and pay $100, and have a vet and his caregiver come to our show that night.”

Greenwood always prioritizes giving back to veterans, frequently singing “God Bless the USA” for troops around the globe.