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Alan Jackson’s Good Time Bar on Broadway: What to Know About the Downtown Nashville Bar

by Jonathan Howard
Photo by: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

With all of the folks that have had a bar on Broadway, Alan Jackson’s Good Time Bar is up there with the best of Nashville. Opened up on October 5, 2016, the bar just turned five years old last year. Already one of the best Honky Tonks in Music City, this is a classic Broadway venue. From the drinks to the live music, karaoke, and more. Do you know what that spells? G-O-O-D T-I-M-E!

While the bar might be newer, the building it is in is anything but new. As one of the oldest buildings on Broadway, the bricks on this venue would have some stories to tell. From a Civil War hospital to the first used record store in Nashville, and even used to house Bullet Records. That’s some pure country music history right there. So, it’s fitting that this building is now home to Alan Jackson‘s Good Time Bar.

If you visit you’ll notice that the place is split into four locations. That’s because, like most bars downtown, this one has multiple floors. Each with its own theme. If you feel like listening to some live country music, then just walk right in and stay on that first floor at AJ’s Honky Tonk. The stage is always rocking. Or, if you couldn’t get into the Titans game that week, go to AJ’s G.T. Bar. That’s where you can catch all the sports action you need along with a Nashville aesthetic.

Then, you have the Hullbilly Karaoke Bar outfitted with seafaring decor and items. And, finally, the Star Bar. The Star Bar is the rooftop. A perfect place to finish the perfect Nashville night.

Alan Jackson’s Good Time Bar

Location: 421 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203
Hours: Monday-Wednesday 2 PM-2:30 AM Thursday-Sunday: 11 AM-2:30 AM
Website: www.ajsgoodtimebar.com
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Parking Near Alan Jackson’s Good Time Bar

  • Fifth and Broadway Parking Garage: 550 Broadway
  • Suntrust Plaza: 401 Commerce Street
  • 333 Garage: 128 4th Ave.
  • Gruhn Lot: 400 Broadway

It’s Always 5 O’Clock at AJ’s and it’s Always a Good Time

Alan Jackson is the epitome of Nashville and his Good Time Bar is just a great example of what a bar on Broadway can be. Now, of course, there are local spots and hideyholes scattered away from downtown. However, if you’re doing the Broadway thing you really can’t go wrong with going here. They have three levels to fit what you’re feeling. Live music from pros and your fellow patrons. And, you know it’s always 5 o’clock in this place.

This bar isn’t about being cool and underground. No, this bar is for those that want to get out there and…well, have a good time dammit! As far as downtown bars go, the music talent is pretty good. They keep a flowing list of artists, singers, and guitar pickers going on at AJ’s. You can plan your trip to the bar around one of the musical acts, and if you’re lucky you might get to see the man himself.

This is just how Nashville works. You never know who is going to pop up on that stage.

No matter what time you show up, early afternoon or late at night, there’s always something going on. So, the next time you’re visiting Broadway, you might look up and see AJ’s figure outlined in neon. That neon light might draw you a bit closer, and all you gotta do is walk in and let the vibe carry you away. You know that it’s gonna be a Good Time…