Annette Funicello’s 1957 Ford Thunderbird Sells for Huge Price Tag at Auction

by Matthew Memrick
A classic 1957 Ford Thunderbird car once owned by Annette Funicello went for big bucks at auction last week.

A classic 1957 Ford Thunderbird car once owned by Annette Funicello went for big bucks at auction last week.

A $150,000 bid took home the legendary Mousketeer’s two-seat convertible.

At one point last week, the Bring a Trailer car bids were hovering in the $40,000 range. As of late Sept. 14, the rare vehicle had two offers and was going for $42,777. The auction ended on Sept. 16.

The star got this as her first car at age 16. After ten years of driving, she passed it down to her younger brother.

More on Annette’s Classic Car

The two-seat convertible was Funicello’s first car and was bought for her when she was just 16. After getting it customized with a purple color, she drove it for the next decade before giving it to her younger brother. Soon after, family members sold the car to another owner. Before a buyer bought the car in 2003, it was heavily used and beaten up.

When the buyer researched the car for a restoration, he found out about the Funicello connection. Originally white before becoming Funicello purple, the vehicle became red with the latest owner.

Additionally, the new owner now has a new interior without several original parts like the seats and radio.

According to Hagerty, Ford produced only 212 cars of that particular V8 model. But they still sell well among private collectors.

Social Media Chimes In

The news was fresh for many who had taken an interest in the car and its auction.

One Fox News commenter said, “It’s hard to understand how a real car like that was allowed to get in such bad condition before being restored.”

Another commenter followed up on the comment, saying, “Provenance gets lost over time. The value is the previous ownership. Once provenance is lost, the object’s value becomes just another item.”

Others added that there are not many versions of the 64-year-old vehicle on the road today. Another post added, “You’d be amazed how many cars go downhill fast.” 

With this Ford Thunderbird model, there may have been a rear main seal leak. The Hagerty website interviewed a few collectors who said the leak was manageable. However, if there were a transmission leak, the complicated nature of fixing that issue would likely be a costly fix.

Others traded jabs about the price of the car these days. One person didn’t want to believe that some versions of the car sell for $30,000. Another said six-figure sales were more common. 

A Georgia owner is selling a 1957 Thunderbird for $94,995. And that’s with less than 9,000 miles on it.

According to Fox News, the high price “was four to five times higher than a similar example without the Hollywood connection is worth today,” and it was “closer to what all-original show quality Thunderbirds sell for.”