Arizona Marine Honored After Stopping Armed Robbery

by Keeli Parkey

When his military service came to an end, United States Marine James Kilcer did not stop serving others. In fact, he also did not stop protecting others.

Recently, a video of James Kilcer stopping the armed robbery of a convenience store has been circulating on social media and in news reports. You have probably seen it. The video is shot from a surveillance camera placed above those who come and go from the store.

The video shows this courageous Arizona Marine holding the items he purchased as he talks to an employee of the store. During their conversation, three other individuals enter the store. One of those individuals has a gun.

Kilcer wisely realizes what is about to happen. And he springs into action. At first, it appears as if he is going to leave the store and allow the individuals to go through with the robbery. But in a split second, the Marine jumps into action.

He grabbed the gun and wrestled the would-be robber to the ground in a heroic move. He detained the individual until law enforcement officers arrived on the scene. Kilcer stopped the robbery and depending on how the situation played out, he could have saved lives.

You can check out James Kilcer’s heroics – and on-point reaction – below.

Heroic Marine Said Praise He Received Since Stopping Robbery is ‘Kind of Overwhelming’

According to FOX 10 in Phoenix, James Kilcer sized up the trio as they entered the store. By doing so, he knew which suspect he needed to subdue.

“I scanned them for any other weapons and didn’t see any. I knew he was my guy at that point,” the Marine has also said.

Needless to say, this Marine has received much praise for his heroic actions. And, according to the FOX station, James Kilcer has received the Citizen’s Valor Award from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office. He was presented the award on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Other members of his Arizona community have also praised Kilcer for his heroic efforts.

“It’s kind of overwhelming a little bit. Because it just kind of feels like, you know, being congratulated for doing what everyone – I like to think that everyone would have done,” Kilcer also said.

The recognition he received from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office isn’t the only one Kilcer has received. Other organizations have also praised him, including the parent company of the Chevron station he protected on that day.

The suspect who attempted to rob the convenience store is 14 years old, according to reports. The teen is reportedly facing charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault.

You can listen to United States Marine James Kilcer talk about his life-saving efforts in that Arizona convenience store below.