Army Sergeant, Non-Profit Seeking Assistance to Save Dog He Grew to Love While Deployed

by Quentin Blount

With nowhere else to turn, an Army Sergeant is teaming up with his community and a non-profit organization to help save the life of his dog.

Paws of War is a nonprofit organization that helps active military members and veterans protect their pets. They are asking the community to help Army Staff Sergeant Laza’s beloved dog, Benji. At the moment, the Army Sergeant is still overseas. That’s where he became best friends with two stray dogs, which he named Benji and Turbo.

After making his new friends, Sgt. Laza began taking care of the dogs like they were his own pets. And after forming an emotional bond with them, they essentially were his. But the dogs still face numerous threats — like unprovoked attacks from people and even other animals. And that is exactly what happened to Benji and Turbo. In a terrible act of cruelty, someone recently poisoned both of them.

“Both dogs seemed tired last week, so they were offered extra food and attention,” Army Sergeant Laza explained.

Turbo, unfortunately, passed away during the night because of what happened. And as for Benji, he is fighting for his life around the clock.

As a result, the Army Sergeant was forced to turn elsewhere for help. That’s when he reached out to Paws of War to help save his beloved Benji. Even though the non-profit has been able to help provide insurance for the dog, the medical bills are continuing to rack up with each passing day.

Dereck Cartright is the stateside logistics coordinator at Paws of War. He is also a disabled veteran himself. He has made a plea to people in the community to support the organization’s effort.

“It’s really awful what happened to these poor dogs,” Cartwright said. “The Staff Sgt. is pleading for help to keep Benji alive, and they have reached out to us. We will do everything we can, but we need the community to support our efforts.”

Army Sergeant Starts a Fund to Save His Dog

Saving Benji is the only thing on Army Sergeant Laza’s mind right now. He already reached out to Paws of War for help, and now he is asking the community to help as well. In doing so, the Army Sergeant has created a fund to help cover the expenses for Benji’s medical treatment.

“I cannot believe that someone poisoned my dogs. It breaks my heart,” he said. “I’m so grateful for all the support that Paws of War and the people in the community provide in helping to save Benji. It’s such a blessing to have people to turn to.”

If you would like to help Army Sergeant Laza and save his beloved little Benji, you can check out his fundraiser and donate however much you would like. Click on his Paws of War profile here.