Arnold Schwarzenegger Changes the Game With Cigar Dipped in Tequila Trick Learned in Mexico

by Kati Michelle

September 16th marked over two decades since Arnold Schwarzenegger officially gained US citizenship, making him an American with Austrian roots. His legacy here has involved the bodybuilding community, politics, and an impressive list of Hollywood blockbusters. Rumors are even circulating surrounding him and Danny DeVito potentially reprising their “Twins” roles.

Still, when he’s not acting, pumping iron, or rooting for his son from the sidelines, Arnold likes to kick back and relax. He’s a long-time cigar fan and can be seen puffing from the comfort of his sports car in many paparazzi photos. Still, some fans want to know more about the star’s habits and what his preferences include. Luckily, he revealed all that along with some personal anecdotes in a recent interview all about the hobby.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes an Appearance on the “Cigar Aficionado”

The “Cigar Aficionado” is a YouTube channel part of the Good Life for Men Magazine brand. It aims to cover all things luxury and the world of fine cigars. They’ve brought on The Rock, Michael Jordan, and most recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The “Total Recall” star recounts a special smoking technique he picked up while shooting the iconic movie in Mexico City. It involves soaking cedar in tequila and brushing it on the cigar, before rolling the cigar to soak in the flavor. Apparently, it’s also recommended to let it burn for a short while before enjoying it.

You can catch their conversation below:

Now, not everyone seems too impressed with the star’s hack. The verified Michael Herklots, for example, took to the “Cigar Aficionado’s” Instagram page to offer a scathing review.

“I can’t imagine a sommelier at a five-star restaurant slicing a piece of filet mignon and dunking it in a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. A sommelier’s job is to preserve the integrity and intention of the product- NOT manipulate it. This recommendation is terribly flawed.”

Sound Sleep Advice

In an Instagram post, Arnold Schwarzenegger also revealed that his newest project takes the form of a newsletter. One of the most recent topics it covers is sleep. He previews the newsletter with the following:

“You might have heard me say this before in one of my speeches, but we all have one thing in common: 24 hours in every day. Say you work 8 hours. That means you have 16 hours left. Maybe you commute an hour each way. You have 14 hours left. I sleep 6 hours a night, and I tell people who need more sleep to sleep faster, but let’s be generous right now and say you get 8 hours of sleep. Now you have 6 hours remaining. Imagine what you can do in six hours…”

The rest of the newsletter is accessible to subscribers here. He promises to use it as a tool to help people “mind to the muscle, and shovel donkey s#*!”