Aston Martin Has Luxury Car You’d Have to Be James Bond to Afford

by Matthew Memrick

British luxury carmaker Aston Martin has built the fantastic car you’d have to be James Bond or some other multi-millionaire to afford.

According to the New York Post, the 118-year-old car company recently leased its first-ever Manhattan showroom. It will feature one of its $5 million one-off cars.

According to the paper, the showroom will feature the retro Victor. Designed by the Q Division from the movie franchise and sold last year for reportedly $5 million. The Victor’s bells and whistles include revolving license plates, pop-up machine guns with lights and noise (but no projectiles), and battering rams perfect for getting through any New York City gridlock.

James Bond Car Won’t Be Lonely With Other Fab Cars

Aston Martin features an “immersive brand experience” in the former Phillips auction house at 450 Park Ave. The showroom sits on the corner of West 57th St. and will feature other rides from the luxury carmaker.

If you’ve got a minimum of $200,000 for a Vantage roadster, check the place out. Anther DBX SUV goes for hefty sums of $3.5 million.

“Aston Martin looks forward to revealing more about its exciting plans and its ambition to create a truly mesmerizing luxury experience for our customers in one of the most prominent corners of Midtown Manhattan,” spokesman Paul Garbett said noting, “This is all very preliminary.

Aston Martin has been trying to break out in the U.S. market since a Canadian billionaire got involved. Lawrence Stroll invested in 2020 as the company dealt with financial issues even before the pandemic.

What Did James Bond Make For a Salary?

Well, according to Stylecaster, outgoing James Bond actor Daniel Craig made an estimated $85.4 million from five movies. For the recent “No Time To Die” movie, he earned a $25 million base salary.

Oh wait, you meant a 007 agent working for MI-6, England’s secret service agency.

According to the Australian website Boss Hunting, the average MI6 field agent makes about $72,000 a year. Still, since James Bond is a former Royal Navy Commander and a classified assassin, he’s probably earning around $144,000 a year.

So, if the British government wants him to live the look of an exporter or something like that, he’ll get an unlimited expense account. One more thing, the website said he’s probably got a massive inheritance since his parents have died. 

The 2019 article valued his 1965 Aston Martin DB5 at $1.65 million. But that was the car from the 1964 Bond film “Goldfinger.” 

According to inflation, if James Bond had that tricked-out Aston Martin DB5 for $1.65 million, it would be worth $13,779,765.85 today. And that’s not counting all the spy specifications

So, in all reality (or fakery, for that matter), James Bond probably couldn’t afford this car.