Bar Hopping: Meet Guinness World Record Holder for Most Pubs Visited in a Lifetime

by Jon D. B.

Meet Bruce Masters, the aptly-named Guinness World Record holder for “Most Pubs Visited” with a tally you simply won’t believe.

Outsiders love a good round of bar hopping. It’s a trend that, for many of us, begins with friends in college and – in some cases – never ends. Few things beat a laid-back pub, after all. But none of us – absolutely none of us – hold a candle to the hopping one Bruce Masters has done.

Masters has visited so many bars and pubs, in fact, that the math equals visiting one pub every single day for 128 years. In other words, catching up to Bruce by visiting one pub a day would take someone two lifetimes.

As for his own total number of pubs? Bruce Masters would visit an unbelievable 51,695 pubs from 1960 to 2014. This original, decades-long bar-hopping spree would land him the Guinness World Record he still holds. And he’s nowhere near done yet.

So how did Bruce himself do it? As BroBible cites, Masters’ Guinness World Record was certified on January 29th, 2014. The man, myth, the legend that is Englishman Bruce Masters would sometimes visit several pubs in a single day. He would then have at least one beer at each, and tally these purchases for proof.

At the time of his record’s announcement, the math was done on this, too. If Bruce spent an average of $4 on a single beer at every single pub he’s been to, then he’s invested a whopping $186,000 minimum in his world record. But Bruce would often drink more than one beer at each pub during his bar-hopping, so the total may be double this.

World Record Holder for Bar Hopping is On Another Level

According to BroBible, there’s a grand total of 52,750 pubs in the UK at large. Bruce himself has been to 51,695 so far. And there’s a decent chance that before he’s done, he’ll have visited every single pub in the UK.

There’s little chance of anyone ever beating Bruce’s record, either. His dedication has been unmatched for six decades now. But another Englishman is creeping up with a Guinness World Record of his own.

That man is Matt Ellis. Ellis recently won his own world record with the famous bookkeepers by visiting 51 pubs in a 24-hour time span. It is, as you’d guess, the most pubs a single person has drank at in one day in recorded history. It’s not exactly 51k pubs – but an impressive feat, nonetheless.

To claim his title, Ellis had to consume 125ml of alcohol at each pub. For his bar-hopping extravaganza, Ellis would travel 17.6 miles for his own record-setter. Considering his title is in the Guinness World Records book and not the local jail, we’re assuming this was all on foot.

Happy bar hopping, Outsiders.