Barely-Driven Vintage Buick Sells for an Insane Price

by Josh Lanier

“Used car. Only driven by a little old lady to church on Sundays.” Unscrupulous salesmen have used this line to lure in unsuspecting buyers for generations. I doubt that it’s likely ever been true, but there are great, low-mileage used cars available. You’re just going to have to pay a fortune for them. For instance, a 34-year-old Buick muscle car with less than 800 miles on the odometer sold at auction Monday for $236,000.

The 1987 Buick GNX is the holy grail for many muscle car enthusiasts. The automaker only made 547 of them. So, they’re a rare find — read expensive. There have been five public auctions this year for a Buick GNX where bids exceeded $200,000, Fox News noted. Gear heads, racers, and drummers for the band Blink 182 love this car.

That’s because aside from their rarity, the Buick GNX — short for Grand National Experimental — is a beast. The turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 gives this boxy, black beauty 300 horsepower. It could do 0-to-60 in 4.7 second, making it comparable to a Callaway Twin-Turbo Corvette. That year, only the Porsche 911 turbo was faster at 4.2 seconds, Car and Driver said.

The GNX originally sold for just shy of $30,000, but that was then. Monday’s $236,000 auction on Bring A Trailer was just shy of a record. A 1987 GNX with only 8 miles sold for $275,000 at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas auction in June, Fox News said.

So far this year, a 1,200-mile GNX sold for $215,000, a 1,190-mile car sold for $206,000, and one with only 257 miles on the odometer sold for $205,000. And they’re about to get some company.

Someone is auctioning a 1987 Buick GNX with 957 miles on Bring A Trailer. There are six days of bidding left and the price has already reached $215,000.

Ford Offers Old-School Cool Truck Full of New-Age Tech

The Buick GNX has timeless appeal. But at 34 years old, it’s amenities and features did not age as well. If you’re looking for something to marry that old-school sensibility with new-age tech, Ford has you covered with its F-100 Eluminator concept truck. The automaker released photos of the electric vehicle earlier this month.

The automaker designed the Eluminator to look like a 1978 F-100. But underneath that long, squared hood, this truck is completely modern. It has two new e-crate motors that produce 480 horsepower and 634 foot-pounds of torque, Ford said. It has the same batteries that power the 2021 Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition. The concept truck has a billet aluminum dashboard, avocado-tanned leather, a 15.5-inch touchscreen infotainment center on the dash, and all-digital display.