Beloved Tennessee BBQ Restaurant Destroyed in a Fire

by Chase Thomas

One of Tennessee’s favorite BBQ spots was destroyed in a fire this week. Yes, we are sad to report Hog Heaven BBQ burned down.

To add more clarity to the situation, heavy smoke and flames drew the Dickson County Fire and Rescue Department to the scene. After which, they found that the BBQ joint was engulfed in flames, which you could find off Highway 70. Thankfully, the restaurant is not open on Thursdays every single week, so no employees of the fine BBQ establishment were harmed due to the incident. Understandably, losing the building is tough but nobody being inside or harmed is great to hear.

As of this writing, it is unclear what caused the fire that burned down the restaurant. Investigators on the case are looking into it and whether or not arson was at play.

Moreover, Hog Heaven BBQ was a Nashville staple for over thirty years. Even better, the shop was family-owned and operated during that time. The spot was known for their smoked turkey and their signature sauces. For local Nashville residents, you could find it right by Centennial Park.


Hog Heaven had it all for prospective BBQ eaters, and we are not being hyperbolic about it. Seriously. According to the menu, entrees included steaks, t-bone, or ribeye, along with smoked ham, smoked bologna, sandwiches, sides of beans, onion rings, and all the other delicious southern BBQ delicacies.

Who Was Hog Heaven BBQ?

The company sold upwards of 600 pounds of pulled pork a day, according to the Tennessean. Over the years, you may have seen this business on television, where its signature white sauce atop a turkey sandwich was common on channels like the Food Network.

Well, the news was out that this was a tasty BBQ spot, and the Barbeque Bash put on by Family Feud host Steve Harvey also was located there. Unsurprisingly, celebrities from all over came and visited this local shop in the Music City, including Garth Brooks, Widespread Panic, Spike Lee among many others.

Outsiders love good BBQ and we also absolutely hate to see what happened to Hog Heaven in Nashville. Small, local, family-owned joints like Hog Heaven are a beautiful part of American culture and the American spirit. Absolutely, this story is never one you want to see. Finally, we will wait on more information about the future of the eatery going forward. Stay tuned.