Best Brunch Spots in Nashville: Eggs Benedict, Bacon Burgers, Bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Mary Bars & More

by Jim Casey
photos via Getty

Here’s the thing about brunch. No one can really tell you what it is. Sure, it’s some sort of breakfast-lunch amalgamation. But that’s all we really know for certain about the misfit meal. Menu? Your guess is as good as ours. Time? All we know is that it takes place before dinner. Do we want it? Damn right we do. And, we want the best. Fortunately, Nashville boasts a bunch of brunch spots, and we’ve compiled a list of the best in town.

Bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary bars? Check. Eggs Benedict and bacon-topped burgers? Check. Pastries and loaded coffee? Check. Do we need to mention bacon again? Check. Now check out our best brunch spots in Nashville. After brunch, keep the party going on one of the best patios in Nashville.

Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red crushes brunch, in the best way. The award-winning restaurant, nestled in the Germantown neighborhood, tops our list for a reason. It’s the tops—with top-notch service and ambiance. Allow us to take the liberty of ordering for you: cinnamon roll, wood-roasted oysters, pastrami breakfast sandwich, and coffee milk punch (ice coffee and rum). And just so you know, dinner is just as good. Anytime is a good time for Henrietta Red.

Sinema Restaurant + Bar

One word for you: “bottomless.” Strap on your feed bag, it’s time to take part in the time-honored art of bottomless brunch. For $36 (and a reservation), Sinema will bring you a stomach-busting supply of fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, and—our favorite—pork jowl hash (sidebar: jowl is the tastiest part of the pig). Bottomless mimosas ($20) and the bottomless Bloody Mary bar ($15) are within hand’s reach inside the converted historic Melrose theater.

The Tavern

For the casual see-and-be-seen crowd, The Tavern packs a brunch punch Wednesday through Sunday. In fact, we had such a good time catching up with old friends during our last brunch that we ran out the five-hour clock. Overtime was needed, so we ate dinner there, too. Eggs Benedict, red velvet waffle, and blood orange mimosas for brunch, followed by short rib tacos and tequila for dinner. We took an Uber home. And always get the hand-cut fries with jalapeño ketchup. Best fries in town.

Earnest Bar & Hideaway

We go to WeHo (that’s the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood) for good service, good food, and good drinks. Earnest Bar & Hideaway has all three. Say hello to owner Chris Weber (he’s always running around) while you throw back bottomless mimosas, French toast, and the Korean fried chicken sandwich. After brunch, head across the street to the Jackalope Brewing Company tap room for more brews.

D’Andrews Bakery & Cafe

This New York-style bakery doesn’t do a traditional Nashville “brunch,” so why is it on our best list? Sometimes, we think outside(r) the box. If you’re planning a no-hassle at-home brunch or an on-the-go brunch in the park, pick up a pile of pastries and copious amounts of coffee at D’Andrews. We dream about the D’A Fritter and Pecan Cinnamon Bunz.

The Southern Steak & Oyster

Sure, we like a mimosa or a Bloody Mary with our brunch. But we also like draft beer at 10 a.m. Is that civilized? Yes. The answer is decidedly yes. And The Southern has an ample selection of craft brews on tap, including local favorites like Bearded Iris and Jackalope. Grab some drinks, a dozen oysters on the half shell, and a bowl of crawfish gumbo. Finish off with the steak and biscuit Benedict and the best damn fried egg sandwich in the downtown area.

Cafe Roze

Pick a Roze, any Roze will do. Original location Cafe Roze or sister location Roze Pony in Belle Meade are both fashionable brunch winners. The Roze Latte (with rose simple syrup) is our go-to caffeine booster as we ease into the morning with a piece of the strangely delicious avocado hummus toast. Once we’re awake, we go big: Smashburger and the El Verano (tequila, bitters, grapefruit, lime).