Best-Tasting Whiskeys You Should Try, According to New York World Wine & Spirits Competition

by Amy Myers

Nothing quite warms the bones like a full-bodied whiskey. Whether straight, on the rocks or with a splash of water, each unique variety makes even the coldest night a bit cozier. Earlier this week, the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition (NYWWSC) just released the results of the 2021 judging, giving spirit enthusiasts a reason to shop for a new favorite amber-colored alcohol just as temperatures start to dip.

Every year in September, the NYWWSC recognizes the spirits across the globe that set the standards for the industry. According to the competition’s official site, the judges look for “refinement, finesse, and complexity” within each entry. Participants can earn a slew of medals, ranging from bronze to double gold to platinum. However, the most coveted achievement is “Best in Show,” the competition’s highest honors that recognize the best entry in the category. Meanwhile, the “Best in Class” award honors the best spirit in each subdivision.

While the brands’ new awards are certainly impressive, you don’t have to be a whiskey connoisseur to enjoy these liquors. In fact, part of the significance of the worldwide competition is that it unites tasters of all preferences and experience levels to try varieties that everyone can enjoy.

Take a look at some of these winners before your next run to the liquor store.

Whiskeys That Took Home NYWWSC ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best in Class’ Titles

The best of the best turned in this year’s NYWWSC turned out to be 10th Street Distillery Peated Single Malt Whiskey Wine Cask Finish. Home to San Jose, California, the distillery proudly honors traditional Single Malt tactics in its processes. This whiskey in particular uses peated Barley from Scotland and mineral water from Sierra snowmelt. Aged in bourbon barrels, 10th Street Distillery describes its award-winning variation as “smoky, fruity, and well rounded.”

Another whiskey that will surely fly off store shelves is Best in Class winner Uncle Nearest Master Blend Edition Bourbon. This whiskey won its elite title in the “Best Tennessee Whiskey” subdivision. Tastings recently raved about this variety. The review deemed it as a “Fantastic flavor integration and hints of tropical fruit make this a mammoth knockout Tennessee Whiskey.”

Also to add to the list of whiskeys to sample is Bespoken Spirits Rye Whiskey Batch X. This variety was the Best in Class for “Best Rye Whiskey.” More than any other variety in the competition, this whiskey seems to be the optimal first choice for new tasters. Not only is it one of the least expensive, but it is also more simplistic. Still, The Whiskey Reviewer stated that the batch is also “lovely and flavorful,” for more sophisticated palates, too.

Check out a full list of NYWWSC’s 2021 whiskies here.