Outsider Whiskey Bracket: Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, Others Battle to Win Best Whiskey

by Outsider

We had our own Selection Sunday yesterday, and a bracket full of bourbons was the result. This March Madness, Outsider social media will host battles between the most popular bourbons, whiskeys, and ryes. Social media followers are encouraged to vote via polls on Outsider Twitter and Instagram stories to keep their favorite in the running for Best Whiskey.

While social media votes will determine winners, we encourage you to print a bracket of your own and select your own winners.

This will be updated daily as social media reveals the winners and your favorite whiskeys advance.

Buffalo Trace declared the WINNER

Championship: Buffalo Trace vs. Four Roses

These two go head to head on Instagram and Twitter to win the title of Outsider social media’s favorite bourbon. Vote on Instagram Stories and Twitter polls for your favorite.

Final Four

Buffalo Trace
90 Proof
Nose: Deep amber with a complex aroma of vanilla, mint and molasses.
Taste: Sweet with notes of brown sugar, spice and oak, toffee, dark fuit, and anise.
Finish: Long and smooth with serious depth.

Woodford Reserve
90 Proof
Nose: Heavy with rich dried fruit hints of mint and oranges. Faint vanilla and tobacco spice
Taste: Rich, rounded and smooth with complex citrus, cinnamon and cocoa.
Finish: Silky smooth and creamy, with a long warm, satisfying tail.

Eagle Rare
90 Proof
Nose: Complex, with aromas of toffee, hints of orange peel, herbs, honey, leather and oak.
Taste: Bold, dry and delicate with notes of candied almonds and very rich cocoa.
Finish: Dry and lingering.

Four Roses
80 Proof
Nose: Fruit, floral essence, gentle spice and honey
Taste: Crisp, soft, and smooth, fresh fruit with hints of pear and apple.
Finish: Mellow, long and pleasant.

Elite Eight

Of the sixteen whiskeys in the previous round, these eight have moved ahead as social media’s favorites:

Buffalo Trace
Woodford Reserve
Wild Turkey 101
Eagle Rare
Four Roses
Elijah Craig

Round 2: Sweet Sixteen

After the first round of voting, sixteen have moved on to the next round of matchups. Social media voters have chosen these 16 to move forward. The next matchups, continuing on Twitter and Instagram are:

Weller vs. Buffalo Trace
Jack Daniels vs. Blantons
Colonel Taylor vs. Woodford Reserve
High West vs. Wild Turkey
Bulleit vs. Knob Creek
Eagle Rare vs. Basil Hayden
Maker’s Mark vs. Four Roses
Old Forrester vs. Elijah Craig

Round 1

Weller vs. Willet: Weller wins with 79% of the social media vote.
Bulleit vs. 1792: Bulleit got 61% of the votes and beat 1792.
Colonel Taylor vs. Crown Royal: Colonel takes the W, beating Crown Royal 71% to 29%.
Makers Mark vs Smoke Wagon: Maker’s Mark wins 66% to 34%
Jack Daniels 7 vs. Evan Williams: Jack beats Evan, 62% to 38%
Widow Jane vs High West: High West * upsets * Widow Jane in a close one: 58% to 42%
Eagle Rare vs McKenna: Eagle Rare won with 74% of the votes.
Old Forrester vs Michter’s: 61% of the votes went to Old Forester
Buffalo Trace vs Jim Beam: Buffalo Trace wins with 86% of the votes.
Knob Creek vs Dickel: Knob Creek takes the victory.
Woodford Reserve vs New Riff: Woodford Reserve beats New Riff.
Four Roses vs. Angel’s Envy: Four Roses take the victory over Angel’s Envy.
Blanton’s vs Uncle Nearest: Blanton’s easily took the victory with 87% of the votes.
Wild Turkey vs Jefferson’s: Wild Turkey beat Jefferson’s 56% to 44%.
Basil Hayden vs Stagg Jr.: Basil Hayden won with 60% of the votes.
Elijah Craig vs Old Grandad: Elijah Craig took the victory over Old Grandad, with 80% of the votes.