Budweiser Captures the Scent of Summer With New Candle Debut

by Madison Miller

There’s nothing quite like a nice BBQ, a beautiful day, and cracking open an ice-cold beer. Similarly, there’s really nothing like lighting your favorite candle and cuddling into a night spent inside enjoying absolute relaxation.

Budweiser is currently trying to combine these two wonderful pastimes into one cohesive product for people to purchase.

The beer brand is releasing the limited-edition Homesick x Budweiser Backyard BBQ Candle. When you strike a match and light this candle, Budweiser is hoping you’ll pick up on what they believe is an “ode to your favorite summer pastime.”

Budweiser Candle in the Works

The scent is meant to draw people back to those summer days. That includes the thrill of sitting in the heat, grilling, and burning the day away. While there’s no scent that matches that, Budweiser is instead going to incorporate allspice, barley, and smoke into the candle.

As most of us have probably realized, our brain links certain smells with certain emotional memories, whether they are good or bad. The Budweiser candle is, in many ways, tapping into that connection to create a scent that sticks with people and makes them yearn for the summer months.

Many candle brands have tried the same concept. The brand Homesick is particularly known for selling candles that are supposed to remind people of their home states. This is why Budweiser teamed up with the fragrance company to create something that will throw people back to July even if it’s the middle of frosty January.

“We love capturing the moments that matter most through scent, so we had a blast working with Budweiser on this collaboration. So many of our favorite summer memories involve BBQ and Bud, meaning we had a ton of personal experience to draw on creating these candles,” the General Manager at Homesick Lauren Lamagna said, according to a press release.

Fall might be right around the corner, but this candle collab is making it so summer is always in reach.

These candles will sell at Homesick for $34. You can even add a personalized message to the jar to remember a specific cherished memory. The additional fee for that is only $15.

Notorious B.I.G. on Budweieser

When it comes to incredible partnerships, Budweiser is clearly no stranger to the concept.

The beer brand recently paid homage to the iconic rapper, Notorious B.I.G. He was unfortunately killed at the young age of 24. He was shot dead inside of his car in 1997. To this day, he is referred to as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Budweiser sold a limited-edition tall boy can that features a hand-drawn sketch of the rapper as well as the phrases “Brooklyn’s Finest” and “King of New York.” The normal Budweiser slogan also was replaced with lyrics from the rapper’s “Ready to Die” album.