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It’s Official: Busch Light Is Bringing Back Camo Cans

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Fans of Busch Beer are in for a treat as the brewery will once again release limited-edition camouflage packaging in the near future.

The popular pale lagers are getting a temporary makeover nationwide. The company has rolled out camo packaging in the past. However, Busch cans will now be adorned with an awesome digital camo print.

On Monday, the company revealed the 2021 edition of the new camo cans. The Busch heavy cans have a pixelated green camo print with bright orange accents. Likewise, the new Busch Light cans have a similar pixelated camo print, except in a grey-blue colorway. In addition, the Busch Light camo cans also have the same orange accents.

The new cans will be available everywhere Busch products are sold. Customers will begin to see the limited edition camo cans soon, but they won’t be around forever. So make sure to take advantage while supplies last.

“CAMO CANS ARE BACK,” Busch Beer’s Twitter account wrote alongside emojis of ducks, deer, and Christmas trees.

“Buck yeah! Your favorite beer to drink in the woods is BACK, baby. Follow us and tag a friend and we might send you a camo surprise,” the account added.

This isn’t the only version of the special cans that customers have been treated to in recent years. Just last year in November 2020, Busch came out with limited Hunting Cans. The cans featured bright orange hunting graphics along with the outline of a buck. Each can and its packaging incorporated the buck’s head and prominent antlers with the classic Busch mountains in the background.

Busch Beer Vows to ‘Never Make a Seltzer’

Alcoholic seltzers have been a popular trend in recent years. It began with companies like White Claw and Truly coming out with their own seltzers, which popularized the low-calorie alcoholic beverage. Of course, it didn’t take long for major breweries like Bud Light, Miller Lite, and more to jump on the bandwagon.

Yet other beer companies like Busch are sticking to their guns and refused to join the hard seltzer movement. In fact, Busch Beer specifically assured fans of their beer that they would not be making any hard seltzers as they scoffed at the trend on social media.

August 6th was International Beer Day, and Busch took a minute to explain their stance on the matter. On all of their social media platforms, the beer company “declared” that they would never brew a seltzer. Further, they even set up a petition to prove their point.

The company asked for the help of all beer-loving drinkers out there. They wanted to garner 50,000 signatures to prove that a hard seltzer is “NOT wanted.” So far, there are no Busch or Busch Light hard seltzers on the market. The brewery has kept its word to date.