Buzzed: Limited Edition Budweiser Brewed Next to Speaker Playing Temptations, Alice Cooper

by Matthew Memrick

Budweiser is making a limited-edition Temptations/Alice Cooper can tribute by blasting that music at the beer in the brewing process.

The Detroit Free Press reported this week that Belgian-owned Anheuser-Busch says it’s changing its brewing process for the firsts time in a Motor City gimmick for collectors.

Imagine a tower of speakers, and then, put that tower next to the big brewing kegs.

The particular cans, dubbed Detroit Music Tall Boys, will feature the music of the Detroit legends in the brewing process. However, they’re only using those two music acts. 

I’m disappointed. No Kid Rock (you’re shocked, right?), Bob Seger, or Ted Nugent music is fit for these cans, folks. They won’t have a golden Budweiser ticket either for the Anheuser-Busch factory in St. Louis.

A Scavenger Hunt For The Cans

This past Tuesday, only 500 of these particular cans hit the shelves. They have an excellent design, showcasing the Motor City skyline along with a record and headphones in place of the company’s usual seal.

Each can is labeled by what sound was part of the brewing. For example, R&B cans got the Temptation treatment while rock cans came from Cooper’s music.

These Budweiser cans go by numbers 1 through 500 and have a “Detroit, Motor City Music” description. 

One Twitter fan replied to the brewer, saying, “500 mixed in with thousands distributed during October. It’s a scavenger hunt. Good luck.”

The Metro Times the Detroit Music tallboys are sold exclusively in Detroit. Good luck finding them. I tried on eBay just to see some prices, but I haven’t found any yet.

Cooper An Alcohol Survivor

Alice Cooper is a puzzling choice for this Budweiser beer can tribute, unless just it’s all about the music.

Cooper has fought his alcohol demons in the past. During the mid-1980s, Cooper struggled with his addiction. After surviving it, he has worked with other rock musicians with addiction problems.

The musician has said he’s made himself available to friends late at night for addiction talks and confessions.

According to Billboard, Cooper even got a Steve Ray Vaughan Award in 2008 for his work with other addicts and their recovery processes. 

Budweiser Did This Before!

The brewing company has pulled this stunt before.

Remember the band Metallica. They had a special Budweiser 48-foot tanker truck filled with the branded bear in 2015. 

In September, 100,000 cans of beer hit store shelves in Quebec.

The band is known for its legendary drinking ways. They bragged about drinking before, during, and after shows when first starting. Some even gave them an Alcohollica nickname after their 1983 debut album, “Kill ‘Em All.”

But, according to one National Public Radio report, they’ve toned all that down, treating themselves to a glass of Champagne after big shows.