California Mom Sells Home, Travels Across Country in RV

by Quentin Blount

A California mom and dad have made the decision to abandon their everyday lifestyle and move into an RV full-time to travel across the country.

Karen and Sylvester Akpan were tired of living to just pay their bills. Like all too many other folks in America, they were constantly living in debt and “barely scraping by.” So in February of 2020, they decided to sell their home in California and move into their recently-renovated RV.

“We were just sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the bills and living in California and barely scraping by,” Akpan told Fox News. “We decided we just wanted to do something different for our son.”

It’s obviously a big move and a huge lifestyle change. But Karen and Sylvester still have big plans for their future. In fact, they made this move to accomplish all of their goals.

“First of all, to pay off all our debt and then to create generational wealth. And then just spend more time together, which is so important to us because I feel like life is too short. And what matters the most is just you being around the people that you love.”

It’s only been about a year and a half since then, but the California mom and her husband have already been able to pay off more than $200,000 in debt.

“It sounds scary when you say that because, to be honest, we shouldn’t have been in that much debt in the first place. It was absolutely nuts.”

California Mom Has Become an Advocate for Financial Literacy

Now that the Akpans are nearly debt-free, they are hoping to spread their knowledge with others who are dealing with similar issues. To that end, they’ve been encouraging friends and family members to start their own Roth IRA accounts and to save for the future.

“People don’t know these basic things that they could have that could help them, their families, help them save,” Karen said. “So, it makes it hard for you not to get into debt and make these silly mistakes when you literally don’t know. It is a mission of mine, especially this year to talk about it and make people aware, especially with my friends. Just starting with my friends and my family who don’t know these things.”

And now that they have almost paid off all of their debts, you might wonder if they are ready to move back home to a new house. However, the California mom says not so fast.

“I’m not going back to that monthly mortgage,” she said. “If we ever do live in. house, I always say this, we would have to buy in cash, to be honest. I cannot go back to monthly payments. I just can’t. Not with the lifestyle I’m living now.”