Chivalry Isn’t Dead: Farmer Gifts Date with Giant Wheel of Cheese

by Lauren Boisvert

Kathryn Paulsen’s 1971 book The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft was right: you may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese.

In April, a Twitter user posted a pair of photos chronicling their sister receiving a 26-pound wheel of cheese after a date with a farmer. Honestly, if a man gave me a wheel of cheese after a date I think I’d propose.

The post features photos of what looks to be a wheel of solid cheddar. So, at least he has good taste. The sister looks thrilled at her new cheese wheel, throwing a thumbs up in the first picture. In the second, a finger is seen poking the cheese wheel, I’m assuming for scale.

Let me tell you, if someone gives you a cheese wheel, you hold on to them tight.

Kraft Mac and Cheese Ice Cream?

Speaking of bright orange cheese, Kraft teamed up with Van Leeuwen’s Ice Cream in July to create an ice cream mixed with the iconic cheese powder. I know they’re both dairies, but something just feels wrong about mixing ice cream and cheese.

Although, not wrong enough that the 6,000 pints made didn’t sell out within the first hour. The concoction came back in late August to higher demand and a high price: $12 for a pint is a little steep, but maybe it’s worth it?

Kraft is no stranger to weird mash-ups; last year they did breakfast and pumpkin spice mac and cheese, and pink colored mac and cheese for Valentine’s Day in 2021. For breakfast, all Kraft did was replace the word “dinner” on the box, so that wasn’t too crazy.

However, pumpkin spice mac first released in Canada, where Canadians went absolutely bonkers for it. In late September, America got a chance to experience the phenomenon; Kraft hosted a giveaway on Twitter where 1,000 winners were chosen from tweets with the hashtag #PumpkinSpiceKMC. According to Kraft, pumpkin spice mac is “the same cheesy Mac & Cheese Americans know and love, now with added fall flavors: hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger.”

This February, Kraft created a pink mac, and the results are hard to look at. Per the description, Candy Kraft Mac and Cheese was “made with the same cheesy Kraft Mac & Cheese Americans know and love, but includes a candy flavor packet to turn the mac & cheese pink and add hints of sweet candy flavor.” Okay. No thank you.

Just like they did with the pumpkin spice mac, Kraft didn’t sell this one in stores, but hosted another giveaway. No need for things to get crazy at the grocery store.