Diner Changes the Name of Poutine Because It Sounds Like Putin

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Many industries and companies are protesting Russia’s attack on Ukraine, including food service. And for one restaurant, “poutine” sounds a little too much like “Putin.” Thus, they’ve changed the name of the popular Canadian food.

At a Glance

  • A diner in Quebec has decided to change the name of poutine on their menu.
  • They’re doing this to show solidarity with Ukraine amid Russia’s ongoing attack.
  • To be clear, they’re still offering the dish.
  • Now, they’re calling it “Fries, Cheese, and Gravy.”

For the Inventor of the Dish, ‘Poutine’ Sounds Too Much Like ‘Putin’ When Said Out Loud

Le Roy Jucep, located in Drummondville, Quebec, has decided to change the name of the dish. They took the word “poutine” out of the diner’s trademark to show solidarity for Ukraine. The diner reportedly invented the dish. It’s a pretty famous restaurant among Canadians.

Thus, their decision to do this got a lot of attention on social media. That’s where they shared this menu name change, of course. The Canadian diner posted its decision to Facebook last Friday, March 4. After posting, they got a lot of critical replies and hateful phone calls. The post is no longer up.

The story obviously made headlines due to the popularity of the diner and the amount of attention it got online. Even though the original post isn’t up anymore, Le Roy Jucep posted a follow-up that’s still available. “Very touching to learn that our tiny message of support has been sent from Drummondville all the way to Ukraine!,” they shared. “If we could make someone smile there, that’s already a win. We are with you from the bottom of our hearts.”

However, the Facebook page for Le Roy Jucep still states that the diner is the inventor of poutine. The name has just changed. Now, the Facebook page says “The Inventor of Fries, Cheese and Gravy.”

According to Fox News, poutine is a widely popular dish in Canada and some northern U.S. states. Depending on the region, there are some minor differences in the name and the contents of the dish. While this Candian diner chose to rename it as “Fries, Cheese, and Gravy,” other places have similar dishes called “Disco Fries.”

One Bar In Dallas Shows Their Support For Ukraine With An Anti-Putin Shot

Since Russia started its’ invasion of Ukraine, there’s been a movement to pull Russian vodka from the shelves of many bars. One bar in Dallas, TX has taken the anti-Putin movement to a new level, though.

They’ve added a new drink to their menu: the “F— Putin” shot. On top of that, the drink is a bright blue and yellow, which represents the Ukrainian flag. Just like Le Roy Jucep, the bar shared their support for Ukraine online. “Alexandre’s also issues sanctions on Russia,” they shared. “Removing all Russian spirits and introducing the F— Putin shot, we’ll be bringing in Ukrainian vodka next week to replace. #NoMoreWar.”