Drinking Beer from This Massive Pumpkin Is the Best Way to Celebrate Fall

by Clayton Edwards

Autumn is finally here. Every year, the season brings a few things that seem so universal as to be inescapable. For instance, many people are glad to see temperatures drop. Additionally, leaves start to change from vibrant green to fiery red, yellow, and orange. Then, there’s the pumpkin.

It doesn’t matter if it’s pumpkin spice in your coffee (or, ya know, literally everything else), pumpkin carving, or pumpkin pie, the gourd is synonymous with the season. Beer, however, is a year-round thing. However, as the temperatures drop, many combine pumpkin and beer. Some do it in more creative ways than others.

For instance, The Vera Project, a Seattle-based youth organization puts on The Great Pumpkin Beer Festival every year. This year marks the seventeenth annual festival. Attendees can enjoy a wide range of seasonal beers. However, the centerpiece of that festival is an enormous pumpkin full of suds.

That’s right. They took a huge pumpkin, hollowed it out, and filled it with brew. Elysian Brewing Company, one of the partners for the event, stated that it’s a several-hundred-pound pumpkin. They scooped all the guts out of it, scorched its insides, filled it with beer, and sealed it. It’s currently waiting to be tapped at the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival in Seattle.

A video from the 2018 GPBF

More About the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival

 You might be wondering where they find a massive pumpkin to fill with brew. Well, according to Sip Magazine, farmers from all around the region bring their biggest pumpkins to The Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off one week before the festival. The biggest pumpkin gets scooped, scorched, filled with suds, and sealed. It becomes the center of the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival. Additionally, it lets Seattle residents see the thriving agricultural community in Washington.

The Great Pumpkin Beer Festival also includes several local food trucks. So, really, the festival is a way for the community to come together and support farmers, local small businesses, and breweries. However, that’s not all.

All proceeds from the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival go directly to The Vera Project, a local charity. According to the website, The Vera Project is, “an all-ages non-profit space dedicated to fostering personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and art.” The site also explains how they go about doing this. They offer “A music venue, screen print shop, recording studio, art gallery, and safe space for radical self-expression.” They are the home of Seattle’s creative community.

So, if you want to drink beer from a giant pumpkin and support a good cause, there’s still time. The GPBF takes place on October 1 & 2 at Seattle Center. You can still get tickets to the event through The Vera Project. You have to be 21 to buy tickets and they’re requiring either a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination to attend.