Duke’s Launches Mayonnaise-Flavored Beer That’s Meant to Be Paired With a BLT

by Katie Maloney

You’re going to want to try this beer (we think).

And we thought the chicken wars were getting out of hand. Turns out, off-the-wall flavors and food industry collabs or far more expansive than we even knew. The latest collaboration comes from Duke’s Mayonnaise and Champion Brewing Company. The two companies teamed up to create a beer that would perfectly go with the beloved bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. The result of the collaboration is one that we are both eager and scared to try: Mayo flavored beer. The Vienna-style lager is characterized by its malty flavor and aroma and contains Vienna malt, Magnum, and Saaz hops. Additionally, the beer boasts a 5.1 percent ABV. But our favorite part is the name, Family Recipe. This is the perfect name for a collaboration between the southern companies.

The name is also a sweet ode to Duke’s as well. The company has soared to success with founder Eugenia Duke’s mayo recipe developed in 1917. Could she ever have imagined that her recipe would someday be the inspiration for a beer? During a press release, Duke’s Brand Marketing Manager of Mayohem, Rebecca Lupesco, talked about the beer collaboration.

“The spirit of this collaboration truly encapsulates the Duke’s brand—it’s bold, southern, and a little saucy,” said Lupesco. “Champion has perfected the art of beer and food pairings with Family Recipe–sun-ripened, juicy tomatoes, crispy bacon, lots of Duke’s mayo, and a refreshing sipping beer is basically what summertime is made for.”

Family Recipe is available starting today. Unfortunately, just like its name implies, the beer is limited in its availability. Only those who can access Champion’s breweries, restaurants, or retailers across the states of Virginia and North Carolina will be able to try the beer.

If You Like Mayo Beer, Try Pickle Whiskey

If you think mayonnaise-flavored beer sounds delicious, then you’re going to love this pickle-flavored whiskey! Pickles have been riding the wave of fame for the past year. They always seem to be trending whether it’s pickle-flavored chips, pickle beer, or now, pickle whiskey. Southern whiskey connoisseurs have probably already heard of the “pickleback” – a shot of whiskey chased by a shot of pickle juice. At first glance, the ritual may seem like something somebody drunkenly crafted in their garage during a neighborhood BBQ. And that may be the pickleback’s origin story, we don’t know for sure. But we do know that the theory behind the shot is actually more scientific than one would think. The pickle juice neutralizes the burn of the alcohol while, at the same time, bringing out the flavor in the whiskey.

Now, Holladay Distillery wants to take all the hard work out of finding pickle juice to chase your whiskey shot with. So, they’ve created the perfect whiskey/pickle combination: Whicked Pickle. The dill pickle-flavored whiskey comes with peppery heat on the finish and is available in select states across America.