Every College Football Fan Needs Modelo’s New Beer Koozie

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to life — it doesn’t get much better than a Saturday of college football and an ice cold Modelo Beer.

Modelo is one of the fastest risers among American beer drinkers thanks to excellent marketing strategies. Their latest marketing ploy, known as the “Unlockzie,” is a play on the common beer koozie. Most of us know what a koozie is and if you don’t — it’s that squishy, foamy thing you set your beer in for sake keeping. The Unlockzie is the latest twist on the Koozie and it looks like Modeo might have another winner on their hands. Here is a short video that explains just what the heck an “Unlockzie” is and how it can make you a winner. At stake are tickets to the 2021 college football playoffs — and who wouldn’t want those.

“This football season — the next big thing in beer drinking technology has arrived,” the video proudly proclaims. “You just need a Modelo to unlock it. The ‘Unlockzie,’ go to Modelo and scan it and unlock a chance at the college football playoff National Championship and other rewards.”

Well, I don’t know about you — but I see an investment in an “Unlockzie” in my future. Hard to beat what this gimmick is offering. The college football National Championship is where every football fan would love to be when it arrives in January. The Youtube video also includes a brief description of what the Modelo “Unlockzie” can do.

“The Modelo Unlockzie is here,” the description of the video proclaims. “Drop in a Modelo and unlock a chance at the College Football Playoffs National Championship and epic rewards every week of the season.”

The sound you are currently hearing is every college football fan in America rushing out to get an “Unlockzie.”

Modelo Unleashes the ‘Unlockzie’ Upon College Football Fans

When Modelo drinkers use their mobile device to scan their beverage inside of the Unlockzie, it enables eligibility to win prizes. One of these prizes includes a trip to the national championship game.

Though Modelo has been around for a very long time, it has seen a recent surge in popularity among American beer drinkers. This can be attributed to their aggressive “fighting spirit” marketing campaigns that appeal to sports fans. It is the official beer of the UFC, replacing Bud Light, and is one of the best-selling import beers in the country. Even more recently, they became the official beer sponsor of the College Football Playoffs. How’s that for a big-time power move?

The beer company is also partnering with several big market professional sports teams to push their sales skyward. Modelo is partnering with the New York Giants, Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago White Sox, Golden State Warriors and the LA Galaxy. They are also the official beer sponsor of the College Football Playoffs, replacing Dos Equis for that honor.

Now, Modelo is helping their latest invention, the “Unlockzie,” will boost the beer even higher with appeal to sports fans.