Extreme Camping: Military-Inspired 4×4 RV Will Make You Feel Like a Complete Badass

by Amy Myers

Military life meets civilian life in this 4×4 RV. The four-wheel-drive 2012 Titan XD 4400 will have fellow drivers unsure if you’re heading back to base or to the next campground.

Right now, the biggest craze in the camping and offroading world is turning an old van into a modified camper vehicle fit for a minimalistic Outsider or two. However, Adrenalin Industries decided to add a bit more flair to their transformations. Using military vehicles to inspire their design, the company decided to combine the heavy-duty abilities of  BAE System’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) with all of the comforts of a classic RV. The Titan XD 4400 is just one of the 50 vehicles that the company offers.

Before taking on new life as an expedition camper, the vehicle was first a flatbed truck that sat on a dealer lot in Texas for nine years. Then, in 2020, a savvy Outsider decided to combine an Action Mobil camper cabin from a totaled MAN truck with that of the flatbed, thus giving the vehicle new life and a multitude of purposes. The

Besides its tactical look, the Titan XD RV features a seven-speed automatic transmission as well as an all-wheel-drive system. It can drive in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The RV can handle just about any mountainous terrain, as it can climb a 60-degree grade. Amenities in the camper include a kitchenette, dining area, bathroom, Alpine entertainment system and sleeping area with a queen-sized bed. There’s even a hydraulic lift and a motorcycle rack on the exterior of the camper for those that plan to take a ride after they reach their destination.

Check out the exterior of the RV in the clip below.

Bidding for Military-Inspired RV Reached a Jaw-Dropping Price

If Adrenalin Industries’ RV has you considering a loan, you’re not the only one. After a competitive bid on Bring a Trailer, the camper finally went for a whopping $241,000. However, with the right owner, the vehicle will surely be worth the price tag. Because of its dependability in rough conditions, this vehicle can take Outsiders just about anywhere.

Even after the auction, fans of the RV still couldn’t get over its capabilities.

“This is an apocalypse survival vehicle if ever there was one. Holy cow,” one wrote on Bring a Trailer.

“This auction was an Adrenalin rush,” a second wrote. “Congrats to both parties.”

Bring a Trailer was happy to have hosted the unique auction and commended both buyer and seller for their agreement.

“Congratulations @Ag72 on coming out with the win on this very neat Camper Conversion!” BaT wrote. “@adrenalinsports – We loved seeing this one on BaT, so thank you for listing it with us! With over 73,000 view and 250+ comments, it looks like the community enjoyed it as well.”