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Family Donates Thanksgiving Meals Honoring Daughter Killed in Car Crash

by Michael Freeman

Losing a child as a parent has to be one of the most devastating experiences one can have in life. In the case of one family, to honor their daughter after losing her in a car crash, they are gifting Thanksgiving meals to families in need.

A little over one year ago, 18-year-old Dominique Orta died in a tragic car accident. Since then, her mother has done everything she can to keep her memory alive.

Speaking to Fox News, Annette Orta from San Antonio, announced she’s donating Thanksgiving meals to 30 families in need. Annette said her daughter was “a very giving person,” so this is how she’s keeping her spirit alive.

“She was full of life and living life to the fullest, so she wouldn’t want us sad and crying all the time,” Orta said. “We do do that [cry] a lot, but she wouldn’t want us like that. So, we try to keep her memory alive and help everybody that we can.”

The Orta family said they continue to mourn Dominque no longer being with them. Both Annette and her husband visit the cemetery where Dominque is buried every day. On the one-year anniversary of her death last week, they celebrated her life.

Additionally, they made a program called “Kiki’s Thanksgiving Blessing” (Kiki was one of Dominque’s nicknames) to donate 10 meals to struggling families. However, community support helped bolster the number of meals to 30. The family also plans to do a toy drive around Christmas.

“We’re just happy and blessed that we’re able to do this to help other people and since she was such a giving person, we’re doing it in her memory, in her honor,” Annette stated.