Family Turns Rundown Bus Into Perfect Home to Travel the World

by Anna Dunn

One family has turned a rundown bus into an awesome home to travel the world in. The parents did all the work on the bus themselves in two months. They wound up creating a beautiful home that they can explore with. The family moved into the bus on August 20th, 2020 and it looks like they’ve been traveling around in it since.

They even added extras inside like an indoor climbing wall for the kids.

The family consists of 29-year-old Elizabeth Stone and her 30-year-old husband, Spike along with their two children, five-year-old Pepper, and 3-year-old Violet.

The bus isn’t just functional but comes with plenty of style. Its light wooden interior with bright bohemian decor brings a ton of light into the space while making it look like a home. According to The Sun, the couple has always wanted to see more of the world with their two children. It looks like they got started as soon as the two were old enough.

The Couple Decided To Buy the Bus During COVID Lockdown

They both work remotely, and during lockdown, the kids had to learn from home too. They took the opportunity to build up the bus.

“We wanted to travel with our kids and because Covid shut down their schools and forced all work to be remote, we jumped on the opportunity,” Elizabeth told the publication. “Spike had seen a school bus conversion when he was a kid […] and had always wanted to do something like it.”

When they did further research into bus conversion, the Rhode Island couple found that cheap, decommissioned busses were a great place to start. So in June 2020, the couple spent 3,500 on an old school bus from Facebook Marketplace.

They Spent $15,000 On Renovations

They immediately tore out the flooring and ribs of the bus and even worked hard to make the outside look nice, painting it green with a bright white roof.

The couple installed platforms for a bed for them as well as bunk beds for the girls and also have even managed to install their own bathroom. In total, the renovation cost the couple $15,000 dollars to finish. Since they finished the bus, the family has been to 16 different states all across the United States.

Currently, they’re in a Rhode Island campsite and plan on hitting the road again this month.

“We are thrilled with the outcome. Of course, there are small things that only we probably notice that we could have done different or better but overall it turned out great,” Elizabeth said. Of course, the rust on the bus that accumulated over time as well as the general mechanical issues that face old vehicles have given them problems. But the family is taking it all in stride.

“It is also still kind of a work in progress and after living on it full time and traveling we were able to really hone in some of the design elements. I think building your own home is rewarding and ensures you know your rig well and get exactly what you want,” she continued.