‘Farmworker Caravan’ Effort Donates Clothes, Food to Hundreds of Farming Families

by Quentin Blount

Sometimes the men and women who work in the agriculture industry don’t always get the attention that they deserve. But a farmworker caravan is attempting to change that.

Thanks to the farmworker caravan based in San Jose, farming families in Hollister, California, now have access to new clothes, food, and plenty of other important supplies. Several cars filled to the brim with supplies made the drive from San Jose to Hollister to deliver the goods to local families.

Darlene Tenes, the founder of the Farmworker Caravan told KSBW Action News 8 that we can’t “forget the farmworkers.”

“It’s really important we do not forget the farmworkers,” she said.

The caravan delivered thousands of food items, clothes, children’s books, toiletries, personal hygiene products, and more. Those items are being donated to about 550 farmworker families.

“There is nobody across American that does not benefit from a farmworker. Not a single person,” she added.

Bishop Oscar Cantu is from San Jose. He said that he joined in on the caravan on behalf of the U.S. bishops. He was appointed as the liaison for migrant farmworkers throughout the country. That means that his job responsibilities are to advocate for the rights and safety of farmworkers. But at the same time, he also recognizes and tries to highlight all of their hard work.

“It’s heartwarming to see the compassion of people from across different faiths or no faith at all,” Cantu said. “Highlighting the work that they do and the persons that they are, worthy of human dignity.”

Farmworker Caravan Teams Up with Catholic Charities of Monterey

The farmworker caravan can’t take all the credit, however. The farmworker caravan teamed up with the Catholic Charities of Monterey to help distribute the goods to those farming families in need. Angele Di Novella, the Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey executive director, said that being a part of this important effort is “priceless.”

“We’re really seeing the full circle of effort to full circle of love,” she said. “All the way from donors to volunteers, to staff to really our community. Really being part of the effort is priceless because we know how much the community needs this.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the farmworker caravan has gifted agricultural families with food and other items. They did the same thing back in May as a celebration of Cinco De Mayo. In addition to providing 1,000 boxes filled with groceries and other goodies, even local high school students stopped by to show their appreciation. Many of them, in fact, grew up in farmworker households so they understand the struggle of some of those families.

These probably won’t be the last stops the farmworker caravan makes, either. We’ll have to wait and see when and where they decide to donate next.