Fireball Whiskey Is Ready to Take You to Hangover Town With New 100-Shot Keg

by Madison Miller

Fireball — you either love it or you hate, or maybe you even love to hate it. For many, shots of the delicious cinnamon-infused whiskey is a reminder of not-so-pleasant hangovers.

In all honesty, Fireball likely isn’t the best alcohol to throw up given its flavor profile full of uncomfortable heat. Regardless, the surge for the product remains as high as ever. Especially in the fall season, where people look to add Fireball to delicious fall-themed cocktails.

Now, Fireball is launching an all-new product that has the capacity to become an origin villain story in the making. The nation must now overcome the kegs of the cinnamon whiskey the brand is selling. Not large bottles or even party buckets like the brand has done in the past, but a whole entire keg.

It’s called the “FireKeg.” It’s full of 5.25 liters of Fireball, which equates to a terrifying 115 shots. There are also three separate spouts to pour from, meaning that the keg can do damage in a 360-degree stretch. It’s not quite as expensive as you’d think. The monster Fireball keg is selling for $75. For reference, a 1.75-liter bottle of Fireball goes for about $25, depending on where you are.

That means if you’re going to a frat party anytime soon, be extra cautious of what exactly is pouring from that keg. Otherwise, you might just pour yourself 16 ounces of Fireball rather than a glass of Bud Light.

According to Delish, these FireKegs will begin rolling out this month. It will be available at different liquor stores, however, it is a limited-time offer. “Fireball fans always know how to ignite the party and keep it going. The limited-edition FireKeg will amp it up in a way only Fireball can. Fireball Friday, Tailgating, any occasion really–grab one while they’re hot! Just remember to ignite responsibly,” Rebecca Henry, the VP of Marketing, said.

Other Fall-Inspired Drinks

While many people use Fireball for shots, the cinnamon whiskey has a lot of potential beyond simply being poured ounce-by-ounce. Many people will bake a delicious Fireball cake, which is reminiscent of a spice cake or even a coffee cake. It’s also an interesting addition to a marinade, whether that be for fruits like apples and pineapple or something else entirely. You can try adding it to your meatball crockpot creation.

For cold weather, nothing beats a nice hot toddy. Or 115 hot toddies if you get the FireKeg.

Other brands are also leaning into the fall season to promote new items. Bud Light recently released a seltzer pack full of flavors associated with fall. That includes pumpkin spice, maple pear, toasted marshmallow, and apple crisp flavors.

Another staple to buy in a case is a pumpkin beer or a hard apple cider, both classics this time of the year.