Ford Bronco Gives the General Lee Run for Its Money, Soars Through the Air

by Clayton Edwards

Look in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s…a Ford Bronco? That’s right. One high-flying Bronco is showing the world that it can get more air than the iconic orange Charger and still keep going. Most people buy Ford’s boxy SUV for its ruggedness. However, some people are learning that they can be just as good at getting air as they are at taking on rough terrain.

Before you think to yourself, “Hey, I’ve got a Bronco,” and decide to take your Ford out for a few jumps, pump the breaks. The Bronco we’re talking about here is far from stock. For starters, it’s equipped with NOS, a massive engine upgrade, and a beefed-up suspension, but we’ll talk more about that later. However, even a stock Bronco is going to be tougher than just about any Charger you put it up against. “Built Ford Tough,” isn’t just a slogan they pulled out of thin air, after all.

Mike Cox of Bronco Factory created this desert camo beast specifically to show off how tough a Ford Bronco could be. He has years of experience modifying, repairing, and customizing Ford’s greatest contribution to off-roading. Check out the video below to get a look at Mike’s SUV and what it can do.

The Mods that Make Mike’s ‘94 Ford Bronco Fly

Let’s start with what’s under the hood. In the video, Mike Cox said that he got rid of the stock Ford Bronco engine. Instead, he’s rocking a 6 liter Chevy engine out of “an Escalade or something.” He beefed that up with an 8:1 header. The advantage of that insane header? 75 more foot-pounds of torque at the wheel.

However, Mike’s Ford Bronco wouldn’t get as much air without a little help from the NOS. If you look at it, you’ll immediately see one bolted to the roof of the vehicle. Safety first. When they show the interior, you see two smaller nitrous tanks behind the truck’s bucket seats.

Those interior shots also show another important aspect of this high-flying Ford Bronco. It has a beefy roll cage supporting the body. Lord knows things could go sideways fast if this truck landed wrong. Mike wasn’t taking any chances. Additionally, he heavily modified and reinforced the suspension. Basically, he took Ford’s proprietary Twin Traction Beam setup and made it strong enough to support massive jumps and other abuse.

Ready for Liftoff

Mike doesn’t even put the hood back on his Bronco before he makes the Ford fly. He makes a couple of impressive jumps. Then, they decide to put a beefed-up Explorer as well as a Corvette in front of the ramp. However, they make things a little more interesting by parking the Explorer about a car’s width away from the ramp. Additionally, they backed the Corvette up to the truck.

Honestly, I was waiting for the Bronco’s rear wheels to obliterate the Chevy’s hood. But, Mike Cox and his Bronco could have cleared at least one more car on that jump.

In short, you can make a Ford Bronco fly. It just needs a few mods and one brave dude behind the wheel.