Ford Motor Company’s New Heated Truck Bed Patent Could Provide the Perfect Camping Setup

by TK Sanders
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Ford Motor Company owns a patent that uses a heated air vent to connect the cab to the truck bed of its unibody trucks, like the popular new Maverick. The vent could provide a wide range of incredible new features for truck owners. Some of the features include a climate-controlled bed space, a temperature-sensitive cargo hold, or even a comfortable tent space for camping.

At a glance

  • A new ventilation system in the works at Ford could revolutionize camping and temperature-sensitive hauling for truck owners
  • Ford’s patent shows two possible options for vent placement in unibody trucks only
  • The Ford Maverick is on backorder as the auto manufacturer tries to keep up with demand

Though a product does not yet exist to implement the patent, unibody truck owners can likely expect an after-market fitted piece available for purchase soon. The delay also gives Ford Maverick wait-listers (of which there are many, as the auto company had to halt sales of the versatile hybrid for 2022 due to demand) a reason to hold out instead of purchasing a different crossover truck.

According to the Muscle Cars & Trucks website, Ford filed the heated truck bed patent in 2020 and published it 18 months later. The patent says that the design uses a “cab back panel has a hidden section outside the cargo area;” and that “an air extractor is held within the hidden section of the cab back panel.”

The patent also says that “this disclosure relates generally to venting air from a passenger compartment of a truck; and, more particularly, a truck having a unibody construction.”

Future Ford Maverick’s could come standard with a heated and cooled truck bed

Maverick owners (or owners of any unibody trucks that may institute the technology one day) would need to purchase a topper shell to fit over the truck bed. The air, be it cool or hot from the cabin, could then gradually make its way into the back. Theoretically, the setup could keep a regulated temperature. This option could ensure that camping out of the back of the truck would be comfortable. Also according to the patent, the ventilation setup uses an air extractor affixed to the back panel of the cab (which is also the front wall of the bed), which then pulls air from the cabin out and into the truck bed.

Ford may decide to keep tinkering with the added feature before rolling it out standard in all unibody trucks. An alternative to the aforementioned offering would be placing a vent in the unseen portion of the back panel. That panel connects to the bed. Both ideas from Ford utilize ventilation systems to create a heated (or cooled) truck bed; the former simply attaches higher on the paneling than the latter.

Regardless of small details like ventilation, the new Ford Maverick will clearly come equipped with some new and exciting features never before seen in a pickup truck. Both the Hybrid and the EcoBoost models will support high gas mileage tanks; and the extra cargo space will lend versatility to a driver who may not require a work truck.