Ford Testing Electric Mustang Mach-E Police Car

by Matthew Memrick

Ford is testing a police version of its fast Mustang Mach-E electric car in one Midwestern state.

The company’s test Police Interceptor program lets the Michigan State Police put the car through all sorts of testing to see how it stacks up.

What’s the goal? Carscoops reported that Ford stated they want to “demonstrate that a vehicle with an electric powertrain can deliver strong performance and stand up to demanding police duty cycles.”

Who knows? May it’ll be the cop car of the future to make police forget about their boxy Crown Vics of yesteryear.

Testing Fun For Cops

Police are running the car up against conventional cars and trucks that it already uses. Think F-150, Transit, Expedition, and Explorer vehicles. 

The tests include breaking, acceleration, and lapping at the Belding, Mich. Grattan Raceway track. 

According to Forbes, this testing is an annual September event as Michigan State Police test and evaluate their current police package vehicles over several days. 

No word if pit maneuvers are involved yet. But really, how can you test that with a new car and not cry about what it would do to the paint job?

The results, so far, are: Currently, the Ford F-150 Police Responder is the fastest to go straight while the Ford Explorer-based Interceptor Utility is the fastest.

Early Police Car Without Customization 

What is it about the Mach-E police version?

According to Autoblog and Fox News, the Michigan police got a GT exterior package to test out. This particular GT has 480 horsepower with acceleration from 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. It comes with the optional Performance Edition (Brembos) brakes and wide tires. 

Carscoops said the car has a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. The website went on to talk about two model versions: Standard with a range of 250 miles and a 3.8-second acceleration (from 0-60mph) and GT Performance getting 235 miles with a 3.5 second acceleration time.

Don’t forget the added storage space too. There’ll be more space to put guns, hazard cones, vests, and stuff like that with no front-engine motor.

It doesn’t have specific law enforcement touches like muscular suspension, heavy-duty wheels, and tires. That’ll probably come in due time as Ford will likely offer suggestions and take data from the testing. The data could lead to factory police packages for future buyers.

So, What Do Cops Want?

Police departments love the size of the Ford Explorer, and future Ford plans may call for similar designs. The Fusion, F-150 and Explorer models already come in hybrid models.

So electric versions have to be the next step.

While the Michigan police department is already using two Mach-Es for community patrolling and detective use, Fox News said no car is used strictly for patrol or pursuit yet.

However, police departments in the United Kingdom are testing the battery-powered Mach-E as law enforcement cars.