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Harley-Davidson Launches Pre-Owned Motorcycle Marketplace

by Matthew Memrick
Getty Images

Harley-Davidson is banking on the hunger for motorcycle riding by starting its first-ever online marketplace.

At H-D1 Marketplace, motorcycle fans can buy and sell pre-owned and certified pre-owned bikes. Think Craigslist, but for Harley-Davidson bikes. The Milwaukee Business News reported that a 12-month limited warranty was part of the program. The warranty covers the engine and transmission.

Recently, the used-bike market has been heating up. In addition to motorcycle purchasing, Harley-Davidson wants to offer good financing for buyers. In fact, there is a ‘Sell My Bike’ feature where a person could sell their motorcycle directly into the dealer network. 

Test rides will also be arranged through the marketplace.

Harley -Davidson chairman, president, and CEO Jochen Zeitz said all qualified dealers have signed up with the new program. Zeitz said that 350 dealers have signed up at the moment.

“The launch of H-D1 Marketplace is the first step towards our ambitious transformation of H-D.com into the leading online destination for everything Harley-Davidson,” Zeitz said. 

Further, Scraphero.com lists 698 locations in the United States as of July 20. 

“We want our online presence to connect and support our H-D network – from enhanced online experiences, unique community engagement to exclusive content and learning,” Zeitz said. “The H-D1 Marketplace platform will connect our customers, community and our strong dealer network. The goal is to become the largest marketplace for pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the United States.”

Talk of the program launching worldwide was unknown. According to the company, there are more than 1,400 independently owned dealerships in nearly 100 countries.

A couple of Twitter users in Uganda and the United Kingdom asked for the motorcycle marketplace in their countries.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported recently that, after the United States, Europe is the company’s second-largest market.

New Harley-Davidson Bikes Announced For Marketplace

Harley-Davidson additionally announced two new motorcycles on Thursday, one of them being an all-electric model.

The company is on the rebound after changing its CEOs and eliminating 700 jobs in July 2020. As a result, it was taking several steps to change its direction after the pandemic’s effects.

“The actions we have taken to reshape the business are having a positive impact on our results, especially for our most important North American region,” Zeitz said. 

The company revealed the Sportster Model S and the LiveWire One. The company intends to further integrate the LiveWire brand into its division.

Any public charging station can charge the bike or at home on a 120-volt outlet.