How to Get Jim Beam Whiskey Sent Straight to Your Door

by Shelby Scott

It’s the weekend! What better way to celebrate than with a bottle of Jim Beam whiskey sent right to your doorstep? Previously, it had been only a dream. But now, Jim Beam offers fans a whole subscription to their products, bringing our favorite booze to highly accessible levels.

Further, the whiskey box subscription doesn’t provide fans just any regular bottle of Jim Beam whiskey. No, sir, the few Jim Beam fans who enroll in the brand’s subscription receive “two very rare blended American Whiskeys” each season.

Jim Beam’s new subscription, entitled “Barreled & Boxed,” sends limited amounts of premium, hard-to-find whiskeys to fans. According to Yahoo!, each box comes with an exclusive “behind-the-barrel look,” which includes a boatload of Jim Beam perks. The box itself provides information about the premium whiskey’s origins. The subscription will also include access to live virtual tasting events. As if that weren’t exciting enough, the brand also plans to provide complimentary tours to the newly renovated Kentucky distillery. And on top of it all, the subscription service offers special VIP events.

The news outlet also shared which whiskeys Jim Beam plans to feature first in the “Barreled & Boxed” subscription. The first releases in September and costs $270. It includes “Little Book Chapter 1: The Easy (Limited Rebottling)” and “Little Book Chapter 5: The Invitation.”

Jim Beam plans to share two “rare finds” for the second box among the approach of the holiday season.

Hooked yet? If so, we suggest you hop on a subscription fast. There are only 500 available and the signups have already begun, opening to the public on August 25th. Further, Jim Beam is currently only able to ship to certain areas. See if you’re eligible by clicking here, and simply click on “Become a Member” to find out if Jim Beam is able to ship to you.

Jim Beam Celebrates Another Major Milestone

Among the premiere of the famous American whiskey brand’s new subscription service, Jim Beam recently celebrated the fulfillment of their 17 millionth barrel since the Prohibition era. Additionally, among coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions, the whiskey company filled one million barrels in just 18 months. Talk about raising a glass, or a million.

According to 8th Generation Beam Distiller Freddie Noe, the milestone is truly remarkable. “Throughout this pandemic, our incredible teams kept coming into work every day, to make the bourbon that consumers around the world are going to enjoy in about four years,” he said.

Following the sealing of Jim Beam’s 17 millionth barrel, it was signed by Noe and his father. They were also joined by other widely known industry leaders in Clermont, Kentucky.

Kentucky’s governor, Andy Beshear highlighted the economic significance of Jim Beam’s major milestone. He shared that “Kentucky is bourbon’s birthplace, and it remains an important part of our heritage and economy, providing more than 20,000 quality jobs within the commonwealth.”

He added, “Jim Beam’s 17th million bourbon barrel shows that our spirits industry continues to grow at an incredible rate.” And with the addition of Jim Beam’s new subscription, that growth is sure to increase even more rapidly.