How US Troops Across the World Celebrated Thanksgiving

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images)

For many Americans across the country, the holidays have looked a little different recently. Overall, drastic changes came following the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many have previously been forced to spend the holidays sitting at much smaller holiday tables. Even more upsetting, others have spent the holidays completely alone.

For many, this concept may be new. However, our deployed United States troops have celebrated the holidays in much different ways for as long as we can remember. This year saw many families finally reunite for Thursday’s Thanksgiving celebrations. On the other hand, troops around the world celebrated the holiday in a drastically different way.

Fox News shared photos of American troops around the world as they celebrated a version of their own Thanksgiving. Many were able to enjoy plates donned with classic Thanksgiving foods. But, it nevertheless looked quite different from celebrations here at home. 

Photos capture scenes of American troops as fellow service members work to cook for and serve crews on bases and carriers around the world. The images show service members stationed in Kuwait, South Korea, Germany, Japan, and various other regions internationally.

In regard to the sacrifices of American troops internationally, our nation’s president and first lady, Joe and Jill Biden shared a special statement. The First Lady said, “While we celebrate together, many…military families will be apart from [their] loved ones.” As such, she stated, “We are so grateful for your service.”

Likewise, Outsiders everywhere are keeping in mind deployed U.S. service members who won’t be home this holiday season. We thank you for your sacrifice and pray for your safe return.

Josh Turner Celebrates US Troops with ‘Soldier’s Gift’

Ahead of the holiday season, country artist Josh Turner began celebrating our nation’s troops with his song, “Soldier’s Gift.” Releasing the song earlier this month on Veteran’s Day, the new song debuts as the lead single on Turner’s very first Christmas album, King Size Manger.

The touching tribute highlights the sacrifices of U.S. troops internationally, with one striking line reading, “You’ll sleep well, America, that’s a soldier’s gift.” He further points to the vast distance between our nation’s troops and their families during the holiday season.

You can check out the touching song and accompanying music video below, but there’s one aspect of the single that makes it even more heartwarming. Following the debut of the new song, Josh Turner shared that several genuine American service members feature within the clip.

Turner’s tribute to our U.S. troops comes during an especially difficult time this year. Earlier this fall, Americans mourned the deaths of 13 young service members in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. Now, as those families are forced to navigate the festive season without those service members, we turn to Josh Turner’s song as a reminder of U.S. troops’ true sacrifice.