If You Aren’t Making These Cheesy Meatball Sliders With BBQ This Weekend, You Need to Fix That

by Jonathan Howard

There are not many three-day weekends in a year. Labor Day Weekend brings people together like no other. These meatball sliders are going to drastically improve your weekend. Saucy, meaty, and cheesy, these sliders are packed with flavor. Meatballs can be intimidating to some, but they don’t have to be. There is no reason to fear the meat spheres. Also, there are easy ways to get creative and make the recipe your own.

Not only is it Labor Day Weekend, but college football is back. That means good times, good sports, and good food. There are only a couple of ingredients that you might not have on hand. However, almost everything else can be found in a decently stocked kitchen. First thing first, gotta make those meatballs. It all begins with a great meatball, courtesy of Quiche My Grits.

So, what you will need here is ground beef, choose your fat content. However, 85%/15% is the best meat to fat ratio. Of course, you will need eggs, onion, panko bread crumbs, sweet red pepper, BBQ sauce, and seasoning. Before we start making the balls, get out a mixing bowl, multiple spoons, a set of measuring cups, a sheet pan, a scoop or spoon to form the balls, and finally a 13x9in baking dish.

Later you will need Babybel cheese, smoked gouda, slider buns, and bagel seasoning.

Get those veggies chopped nice and diced. You don’t want the pieces to crowd the meatball. Now, get your large mixing bowl and mix these ingredients together: beef, bread crumbs, egg, red pepper, onion, steak seasoning, and your BBQ sauce. Use what you like, but a homemade sauce can really spice things up and bring a unique flavor to your dish.

Now we have our meatball mix, let’s get them made.

Making the Meatball Sliders

Get your scoop or spoon and start to form the meatballs once the mix has formed. Roll the meat into small balls, about an inch across. There should be enough mix to form 24 balls give or take. Don’t forget to make a small indention in each meatball once they have been formed. Next, we are going to get creative. Take those Babybel cheeses and cut each into four pieces.

In the indentions you made on the meatballs, place the cheese. Then roll the meat around to cover the cheese. This is going to make for a great surprise once cooked. After preheating the oven to 350 degrees, pop the meatballs in for 15 minutes then remove them from the oven. Once the meatballs are cooked, prepare the sandwiches.

Place the bottom of your buns into the 13x9in baking dish. Next, top with two meatballs each. Drizzle with BBQ sauce. Then, top the meatballs with the smoked gouda cheese. After that, top with your top buns, brush with melted butter, and finish with the bagel seasoning on top. Pop the dish, covered with foil, in the oven for another 15 minutes at 350.

Let the sandwiches rest for a bit after pulling them out of the oven, and dig in. These are going to be full of all kinds of flavors. The gouda and the Babybel aren’t just cheese for the sake of cheese. Each brings a dimension of flavor that works well together. The sweet sauce with a little bit of heat makes these meatball sliders just perfect for the weekend.