Indian Motorcycle Teaming Up With Veterans Charity Ride On to Honor Military

by Courtney Blackann

Indian Motorcycle is launching a new project to benefit the Veterans Charity Ride (VCR). The motorcycle company will design its first military-inspired clothing line. Additionally, 100% of proceeds will benefit the rehabilitation of United States veterans. The mission is something the company felt was a necessary move. This is in order to offer post-war vets as many resources as possible.

Aptly named the “Honoring Heroes” line, the clothing will feature casual wear inspired by the military. This includes an 8-piece collection for both men and women. There will be variety, including t-shirts and hoodies. Each item will have some ties to military-style clothing. For example, one of the women’s baseball tees will be khaki and camo, with a modern and comfortable fit.

“It’s been an honor to support the Veterans Charity Ride over the last several years, as the organization does incredible work in supporting post-war veterans as they transition to life as a civilian,” said Ross Clifford, Vice President of Parts, Garments, and Accessories at Indian Motorcycle, per Financial Buzz.

“That said, we are proud to release our new Honoring Heroes collection to not only show appreciation for our troops, but to directly help fund VCR’s important programming.”

VCR’s Mission to Support Veterans

The VCR’s mission is deeply impactful. Using motorcycle riding as therapy, the organization hosts veterans on a 10 to 14 day ride. During the adventure, veterans are able to share their experiences. They engage in group talk, and spend time on the road working through post-combat difficulties.

“Our successful actions that have proven to help veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and problems with re-assimilation into civilian life,” the organization states.

Further, the organization aims to “provide them a safe environment with fellow veterans and people they can trust, give them outdoor activities that are motivating, enjoyable, challenging and of interest to them, introduce them to and educate them on holistic healthy natural alternatives, and assist them with rehabilitating their own personal goals and purposes.”

Additionally, VCR hopes the end result will be “healthy, happy individuals” who can deal with their issues on a daily basis.

The ride begins in the south and culminates at Sturgis Bike Week. The nonprofit company is utilizing a unique way to support veterans and make a difference in their lives. It began in 2015 and has since been extremely successful. Further, its founders said the mission is a way to thank veterans and show support for their service to our country.

Interestingly, Indian Motorcycle is considered to be the first motorcycle company in America. It began in 1901. Anyone interested in donating or purchasing clothing can learn more here.