Indiana Beer Festival Brings People Together All for a Good Cause

by Michael Freeman

Beer typically brings people together for a good time, but sometimes it serves a greater purpose. For instance, Indiana hosted a beer festival that did that and for a good cause.

Yesterday afternoon, the second Michiana Festival of Beer went off in full swing, giving locals a chance to both raise money for charity and sample the local beer. Taking place at Four Winds Field, it sold more than 800 tickets ABC 57 reports. Though it began in 2019, last year organizers canceled because of Covid. Nonetheless, this year people showed up to raise money for charity and sample what local breweries offered.

One of the event organizers, Frank Squadroni, felt humbled by the huge attendance. “We are beyond overwhelmed. We are very heartfelt-thankful for all the people who are coming out today.” He also mentioned being happy local breweries like South Bend Brew Werks and Bare Hands Brewery had a chance for a multitude of people to try their beer.

Marshall Livingston spoke about the experience to ABC 57 after attending with friends and family. “I’m here to try some beer! I do like local breweries, I like IPAs and things like that. So I wanted to come out here and try some homemade beer.”

More than that though, people like Livingston are curious about how the beer is made. He is so intrigued, in fact, he came from Niles, Michigan to see. “I mean, it’s cool to see South Bend and the surrounding areas are coming together, bringing people to see the ins and outs of how the business works and how distilleries do the process that they do and what makes the good beer that I enjoy drinking.”

The event raised roughly $10-15,000 for Resale to the Rescue and was a massive success.

New Craft Beer Trail Made to Commemorate NASA’s Next Moon Trip

NASA’s Artemis program is coming and considering it’s a monumental undertaking, it should be adequately celebrated. On that note, what better way to commemorate the historic endeavor than a new craft beer trail?

Artemis intends to establish a presence on the moon for upcoming Mars missions, meaning a celebration is necessary. A Huntsville, Alabama brewery recognized this and developed a craft beer trail, WHNT stated. Downtown Huntsville, Inc. Communications Coordinator Alyssa Lee spoke to the news outlet about the event. “[We] are excited to promote the Artemis 1 mission, which is launching later this year. It’s super exciting for NASA and we want to celebrate it here in Huntsville.”

As of now, 10 different breweries will debut unique beers to celebrate the Artemis program. The trail aims to have a new beer available weekly through January. It should be noted this isn’t like a bar hop. In this case, the featured breweries basically get seven days to be the focal point of the Artemis beer of the week. The first beer debuts tomorrow.

Whether it’s to the moon or a saloon, there’s a lot to be excited about lately.