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Iowa Student Honors Veterans With Giant American Flag

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by J. Irwin/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

Finding ways to honor our country’s veterans is already a great thing. However, it’s even more humbling when a child or teenager does it. In this case, an Iowa student raised money to obtain a giant American flag to honor our nation’s heroes.

Gavin Nelson is a senior at Hinton High School. Wanting to honor those who served, he led a fundraising effort to buy an enormous American flag for the school. “It’s just a way to honor them and show appreciation and want to do something for them,” Nelson stated. Though the school estimated costs to be $6,000 for the flag, he crushed the goal. He ended up earning $9,000 and obtaining the flag.

Ken Slater, superintendent of Hinton schools, spoke to Fox News about how everything transpired. Slater said Nelson came to the school board about the project. His plan was to purchase the flag and dedicate it to the school, which the board immediately loved. “His goal last year when he came to the board was to be able to dedicate it on Veterans Day,” Slater said. “He was able to follow through and make that happen, which was perfect.”

Nelson contacted local businesses to collect donations for the 12-by-18-foot flag. The effort resonated with the community and all of them threw support at the endeavor, Slater told the news outlet. The extra $3,000 he obtained covered installation costs and allowed the school to install it in the auditorium.

“On behalf of the school board, I would like to say that we as a school are humbled by Gavin’s service project and his ability to bring the community together for a great cause to honor our veterans,” Slater said after installing the flag during a Veterans Day ceremony.

Gary Sinise Gives ‘Forever Homes’ to Veterans

Whether people supporting our veterans are young like Gavin Nelson or much older, they deserve the best. Gary Sinise thinks the same which is why he founded the Gary Sinise Foundation. Aiming to help our veterans, he gave away “forever homes” to them on Veterans Day.

Talking to Fox News about the mortgage-free “forever homes,” he expressed a desire to help wounded warriors the best he can. ” Life can be very, very challenging for somebody in a wheelchair, somebody missing a limb, somebody with severe burns or traumatic brain injury, or blindness or whatever their particular challenges are,” he told the news outlet.

Sinise continues, saying “It can be very, very difficult just trying to function in an apartment or a small house that’s not built for somebody with physical challenges like that. So what we try to do is provide everything that you could possibly think of that would help to make the life of the veteran and the family be more independent; to have the service member be more independent.”