It’s ‘National Drink Beer Day’: You Need to Be Celebrating Accordingly

by Clayton Edwards

 The holiday season is looming. Before you know it, the world will be festooned with Christmas decorations while you shop for discounted Halloween candy and a Thanksgiving turkey. Everybody has their own opinions on those major days on the calendar. However, today marks a holiday that most of us can get behind. It’s National Drink Beer Day. So, crack a cold one and celebrate accordingly.

It’s only Tuesday and five o’clock seems like an eternity away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead. Besides, who said you have to wait until the weekend to have a few beers? After all, it’s a whole day set aside to drink beer. Why wouldn’t you take advantage?

The origins of National Drink Beer Day are hazier than your hipster friend’s favorite IPA. However, it does fall on Arthur Guinness’ birthday. He’s the founder of the legendary Guinness Brewery. So, it only seems right to celebrate the day with a tall stout or whatever brew you like. Additionally, it’s exactly two weeks away from the traditional beginning of Oktoberfest. So, you could use today to prepare yourself for the yearly event.

Right now, the beer selection is huge, so you have plenty of options. Outsider has a few recommendations for your National Drink Beer Day beverage.

Classic City Lager – Creature Comforts Brewing Co., Athens, GA.

“A go-to staple out of an up-and-coming brewery that’s mastered the art of being adventurous, funky, and organized at the same time.” – Wes Blankenship, Outsider Content Producer

Creature Comforts bills their Classic City Lager as “a clean, crisp, and easy-drinking lager.” It’s only 4.2 ABV, so you’ll be able to put a couple of these away without worrying about a humpday hangover. However, you might have a hard time finding it outside of Georgia.

Tiny Bomb Pilsner – Wiseacre Brewing Co., Memphis, TN

 “If the sun is up, grab a cool, crisp Tiny Bomb from Memphis brewery Wiseacre. If the sun is down, crack the TB anyway—the can’t-miss yellow can will brighten your night. Tiny Bomb is currently available in 14 states.” – Jim Casey, Outsider Senior Editor

Wiseacre Brewing took the classic Czech pilsner and infused it with Memphis-made wildflower honey, adding a delicate herbal aroma to an already tasty brew. With its 4.5 ABV, you can have a few for National Drink Beer Day and still show up to work tomorrow.

Dunkel – Yee-Haw Brewing Co., Johnson City, TN

“Yee-Haw’s Dunkel bridges the gap between light and dark beers. It’s a little heavier than a lager or pilsner but won’t fill you up like a porter or a stout. To me, it’s the best of both worlds.” Clayton Edwards, Outsider Lead Writer

Yee-Haw Brewing Co. says, “If chocolate and beer had a baby, they’d name it Dunkel,” and they’re spot-on. As with most darker beers, the Dunkel carries a bit of a heavier wallop. However, at just 5.5 ABV, you should be fine to add this one to your National Drink Beer Day lineup.

Whatever you drink, drink it responsibly.