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Jack Daniel’s Announces Release of First-Ever Age-Stated Whiskey in Over 100 Years

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Jack Daniel’s has been crafting something special over the past decade that is finally done brewing. What better timing for a release than now, after a tough year and a half for many people out there. It’s time to let it break free.

If a whiskey crooning with notes of dry fig, raisin, oak, butterscotch, smoke, sweet tobacco, and spice on the nose and palette sounds appealing, this is the whiskey for you.

The Jack Daniel Distillery announced the upcoming release of Jack Daniel’s 10-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey. This is a 10-year age-stated whiskey the brand has been planning to release. It is the first age-stated whiskey to come from the popular Tennessee-born whiskey brand in 100 years.

Jack Daniel’s 10-Year Aged Whiskey

According to Lane Report, this whiskey is only going to have limited availability. However, each year you’ll get another chance, seeing as this is going to become an annual release for Jack Daniel’s.

In addition to being an age-stated whiskey, distillers attempted to bottle the flavors of Jack Daniel’s long past in the whiskey-making business.

“Over the last decade, we’ve been experimenting to craft a product that would properly honor the whiskey Jack Daniel was bottling at the end of the 1800’s … This product has been hand-crafted by our distillery team in Lynchburg over the last 10 summers all while keeping up with the growing demand for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey around the world. This 10-year-old whiskey celebrates our modern-day whiskey making, while also paying tribute to our founder and history. It is a special time for us all,” Master Distiller Chris Fletcher said.

The iconic No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey was kept in oak barrels throughout the barrelhouse in order to get the time and space to mature. It’s bottled at 97 proof, which is actually a first for the whiskey-making company.

Getting a Hold of the Whiskey

The No. 7 whiskey is normally aged for four to five years, although that is not shared on the bottle itself. The single barrel releases the company offers spend closer to five to seven years in the aging process.

It’s going to be quite the collector’s piece, especially for die-hard Jack Daniel’s fans. There is only about 200 barrels worth of whiskey from the release. The bottle will also be a blast to the past. It will feature a hand-drawn picture of the cartouche that once appeared on the age-stated bottles from about 100 years ago.

As for the price, you’re looking at dropping a cool $70 for the aged whiskey. It’s a 750mL size and will start to appear on shelves in limited quantities in early September.

The whiskey brand has also been experimenting with canned items. They are competing with the huge surge of premade cocktails and seltzers dominating the alcohol market. Jack Daniel’s offers Jack & Go cans. There is the Apple Fizz flavor made from the Tennessee Apple whiskey, a cola flavor made from the traditional No. 7, and a lemonade flavor that is made from the sweet Tennessee Honey whiskey the brand offers.