Johnsonville Releasing Line of Bacon That is Made from Sausage This Summer

by Shelby Scott

Americans love their bacon and we here at Outsider are no different. One of the country’s most preliminary bacon brands, Johnsonville, looks forward to releasing its new line of bacon made from sausage later this summer.

Now you may be thinking pork is pork, but then why do they make a bacon, egg, and cheese versus a sausage, egg, and cheese? See? There’s a difference and Johnsonville’s just discovered the best of both worlds for breakfast sandwich fans all over.

According to FoodBusinessNews, the Sausage Strips made their debut in 2020 with Johnsonville’s Midwest consumers. Through local success there, the product will soon make appearances in other retailers. Some of these are Kroger, Food Lion, and Walmart among dozens of others. Sausage and bacon fans alike can find the new product located in stores beside precooked bacon products.

Despite the announcement of a new bacon-like product, we are even more excited about the new flavors. The Strips will have approximately 12 pieces per pack and come in four different flavors: Chorizo, Maple, Original, and Spicy.

The Johnsonville senior brand manager Steve Bembenista states that the new style and flavors will not only shake up breakfast. He believes that their new product “will add something flavorful and exciting…to sandwiches, burgers, or whatever else [consumer] mind[s] can dream up.”

How Will Johnsonville Sausage Strips Revolutionize Sandwiches?

Though maybe a silly concern, sausage fans are at a bit of a disadvantage when compared to bacon fans. Bacon, whether thinly or thickly sliced, lies relatively flat and manageably on a breakfast sandwich or BLT. Bacon lovers seldom suffer the relatively quick dismantling of their sandwich as they’re eating.

On the other hand, those who prefer something like a sausage, egg, and cheese often struggle to keep their full length or round-sliced sausage within their sandwich. By the time they finish, (that is unless they got a sausage patty), they often end up with nothing more than a greasy pairing of empty rolls.

Johnsonville sausage strips immediately solve that issue as it takes the same form as a piece of bacon. No more messy sandwiches and broken breakfast spirits for you sausage fans out there. Feel free to top your burger, BLT, or bagel with these revolutionary strips and no longer face mealtime disappointment.

The sausage strips not only look and cook like bacon. Another perk is that they are made with premium cuts of pork, according to the aforementioned article. Additionally, they contain 40% less fat and 30% less sodium per serving than traditional bacon.

Since there was no specific release date established in the article, be sure to look for the new Johnsonville Sausage Strips in a grocery store near you. Also, feel free to let us know what you think.