Kids Mullet Championships Runner-Up Fights Bullying with Flow

by Samantha Whidden

Her son Ezra has been named runner-up in the Kids Mullet Championships, and now, the mother of the second-grader at Fairview Elementary School in Cullman County, Alabama, is revealing more details about her son’s hairstyle 

During a recent interview with, the mullet championship runner-up’s mom, Kaleigh Moore Cramer, revealed that her son has dealt with bullying his whole life. “A lot of the bullying has come from adults,” Moore Cramer explained. She also said one child at school was actually relentless to bully her son. She ended up having some real-life conversations with her son about the situation.

“One of the things we talked about was, ‘You can be you. Wear what you want to. Just be your normal you.’ His confidence has grown because of it.”

The mullet championship participant also raised $610 for Stomp Out Bullying. The non-profit organization seeks to reduce and prevent bullying. This includes cyberbullying and other digital abuse. Ezra also spoke about placing second in the competition.

“I’m so excited I got second place! We just hope everybody has a good time and a good time and a good life. Shake the hate, too.”

Are Mullets Making a Real Comeback? 

Men’s Health reported earlier this year that there has never been a better time to grow a mullet. In the January 2021 article, the online media reported that the hairstyle has actually been “inching” its way back into trendiness a few years ago.

Hairstylist Magda Ryczko told Men’s Health that she credits the fact that mullets are “gender-neutral” haircuts. The style can look good for all genders. “It’s the perfect haircut for a Zoom meeting. It’s business in the front and party in the back. Or these days, it’s business in the front and a small gathering of six or less in the back.”

Mikey Henger, another hairstylist, also explained, “If you look back at the ’80s and early ’90s, anyone who was anyone had a mullet. All the top celebrities, musicians, athletes. They all had one. It’s a hairstyle that has never really left.”

Henger did note that there are so many different kinds of mullets. His mullet is actually described as an old-school rocker mullet. It was inspired by vintage professional wrestling and the film The Lost Boys. The style has slightly longer and layered on the sides. 

Henger stated that 75% of the haircuts he does are actually mullets.

“People would never let their hair get to the point where you could actually have a cool mullet,” he explained. But due to the closure of salons and barbershops last year due to the global health crisis, growing hair was notably “easier than ever before.”